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How can I make a difference?  It’s a question that most of us have asked ourselves especially when facing tragedy or loss.  Why does it happen… and why does it happen to my brother, my mother, my best friend, or my child?  We all have been touched in some way by the cold, ruthless killer called cancer.  However, some find it uncomfortable talking about it, or even saying the word… until it’s too late.  And then we ask; “could I have made a difference?”


Benjamin Hall is a 31 year old who’s healthy, happily married and a new dad.  His career is bright, has a beautiful, loving wife, and a traditionally large family of grandparents, parents, brother, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins.


But like so many, Ben and his family have lost two of their hero’s to cancer.   Ben’s much-loved Uncle Timothy and Aunt Michelle, were taken too early in life. Uncle Tim passed at the tender age of 45 and Aunt Michelle at 46. Timothy and Michelle were siblings. Ben was lucky that he got to know them so well.  Aunt Michelle always spoiled him with affection, fun, games, gifts and surprises… and Uncle Tim always offered his personal unique take on life, including playing Santa at almost every Christmas…  All those years of family visits, holiday’s and picnics…  all the time spent in the arms of his aunt and uncle… but in both cases, they fought heroically, and lost their battle for life, to a disease that does not discriminate. 


 “What can I do?”


Ben has decided to do what he does best.  He will push himself to the limits. He will run an intimidating distance, in a ridiculous amount of time.  He will run, he will talk and he will do his best to inspire…  He will explain to anyone and everyone that he can, that there are things that you can do to turn the killer away.  Ben wants to share with anyone who will listen, that by living a healthier lifestyle we can increase our chances of discriminating against cancer.  He will tell the story of his beloved Aunt Michelle and Uncle Tim in hopes of inspiring others to get involved in the fight against cancer. He will talk to strangers. Those strangers will become friends.  Then he will rest, wake up the next morning and do it again…


Ben will run from his home in Manchester, MD., through the country, through the cities and through the rain and sun.  He will continue until he reaches the home where his Uncle Tim lived, in Fulton, NY, 353 miles from where he started his journey.   It will take two weeks to complete his journey. He will practically be running a marathon for 13 days. His goal is to reach out to as many people as he can, to make a difference.  He will share his knowledge of healthy living, nutrition, and exercise to help combat the disease.  He will ask of all that are willing, to make a commitment in helping make a difference against cancer in anyway or shape possible. He will ask for donations to the American Cancer Society with a goal of raising $5,000. He will seek a host family in each of the cities he stays in.  He will make his sacrifice… and ask the rest of us to make ours.  He will arrive at the doorstep of his Uncle Tim, filled with a new experience, many new friends, and the knowledge that he did what he could for his Aunt and Uncle… and your mom, and your neighbor, and your boss, and those that have touched your life. 


Help Benjamin run...  Give of yourself for those that you miss, and help to prevent losing one of your life’s irreplaceable hero’s!


Look for Ben in one of your Cities;


9/28/13 Manchester, MD to York, PA (25.7 Miles)

 9/29/13 York, PA to Harrisburg, PA (25.8 Miles)

9/30/13 Harrisburg, PA to Lebanon, PA (27.4 Miles)

10/1/13 Lebanon, PA to Pottsville, PA (32.8 Miles)

10/2/13 Pottsville, PA to Hazleton, PA (26.3 Miles)

10/3/13 Hazleton, PA to Wilkes-Barre, PA (23.8 Miles)

10/4/13 REST

10/5/13 Wilkes Barre, PA to Clarks Summit, PA (23.1 Miles)

10/6/13 Clarks Summit, PA to Montrose, PA (28.6 Miles)

10/7/13 Montrose, PA to Owego, NY (31.9 Miles)

10/8/13 Owego, NY to Ithaca, NY (29.3 Miles)

10/9/13 REST

10/10/13 Ithaca, NY to Cortland, NY (21.3 Miles)

10/11/13 Cortland, NY to Syracuse, NY (32.6 Miles)

10/12/13 Syracuse, NY to Fulton, NY (24.6 Miles)




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102 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $5,000.00
Raised $5,125.00


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