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Peggy's Cancer Battle

Hello Friends and Family,

Peggy's five year battle began in 2009 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctors were confident that they could remove it all surgically, and they did. But during the surgery they found that she also had ovarian cancer. Due to some existing conditions as well as difficulty recovering from the colon cancer surgery, she was not a good candidate for additional surgery.

Peggy began her first series of chemotherapy treatments, and she responded very well. Within a few months no tumors were visible on scans and her blood work looked great. Her Oncologist told her that some of her patients went 9+ years before the cancer returned, while others went less than six months. Unfortunately Peggy was in the latter group and her cancer returned again in less than six months.

Peggy then began an all too familiar process for cancer patients and their families. At first, one flavor of chemo would work at keeping the cancer at bay, but the cancer would eventually quit responding. Then it's time for the next type of chemo and the process would continue. Peggy went through this cycle for 3 years, but finally ran out of options and was placed under hospice care in June of this year. She passed away relatively comfortably at home on June 23, 2013.

Peggy fought harder and wanted to live more than anyone I have known. All during this grueling process, she dealt with the terrible side effects of the medications with an amazing stamina that defied her seemingly weak physical body. She never gave up, and always believed she would eventually beat her cancer. When my time comes, I will be lucky to be half as strong as she was.

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