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Join us at the Varsity Theatre on Tuesday, December 5 at 6:30pm 

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon and Spike's Lip Sync Battle with LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, Lip Sync BR benefiting American Cancer Society is a live lip sync tournament style competition featuring eight teams of local Baton Rouge celebs who will "belt out" their favorite songs in three rounds mic-to-mic. The team that raises the most through online fundraising, ticket sales, and votes on event night will be guaranteed a spot in the Finals and earn the chance to be crowned the LIP SYNC CHAMPION!

Our goal: Have fun and raise funds to support the American Cancer Society’s Mission to free the world from cancer. All proceeds will benefit American Cancer Society. Come out and watch the fun!

Meet our Candidates





Chase Landry
Chase Cole

Total Dollars Raised: $1,896.00



Sam Fisicaro
Liz Firesheets

Total Dollars Raised: $7,345.00



Wendy Lipsey
Lori Steele

Total Dollars Raised: $15,103.00



Brittney Lorio
Brett Blanchard

Total Dollars Raised: $1,928.00



David St. Romain
Tim St. Romain

Total Dollars Raised: $1,455.00



Tyler Foltz
Mollie Thompson

Total Dollars Raised: $9,688.00



Dana Cassidy
Cathy Rosenfeld

Total Dollars Raised: $11,882.00



Sumit Patel
Niraja Patel

Total Dollars Raised: $1,395.00

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Total Dollars Raised: $140.00