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Hi, I'm Fred Berren and I am proud to be walking in memory of my Beautiful wife, Jody Vlodek Berren who left this world entirely too soon!! Save

Team: Hope On The Move Join my team

Event: Relay For Life of York County on Saturday, June 21, 2014


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As many of you know I recently lost the love of my life, the mother or my children, my wife and best friend to Cancer.  We battled Cancer for 7 1/2 years; but on January 17, 2014, Jody Vlodek Berren lost her fight.  She left behind her loving husband of 14 years (me), and our two young children, Colby, 11, and Brooke, 8, as well as countless friends who were touched by this amazing woman.  Jody was an active paritipant in
Relay for Life and was the Team Captain for Hope on the Move for several

Jody faced each and every obstacle with courage, dignity, and grace. She never stopped fighting even when the obstacles were large. Jody was a beacon of hope, perseverance, and beauty handling each obstacle with optimism and resilience and was an inspiration for everybody who knew her. I would tell people that my wife was the toughest person that I knew. And I meant every single word.

More than 750 people filled Curtis Lake Church in Sanford for Jody’s memorial service.  Those that knew Jody called her a warrior.  The grace, courage and faith she displayed in her battle inspired many.  In her final days, a Facebook page, Love for Jody, quickly amassed nearly 3,500 likes. People all over the world were praying for this remarkable woman who was always the first to offer a word of encouragement, a helping hand or a brilliant smile that lit up the room. 1000 Paper cranes, a sign of healing, were sent to our family from all over the country made by friends, family, Jody's sorority sisters, their students and Fred's fraternity brothers.

One word that comes to mind when I think about my beautiful wife is HerculeanThe truth of the matter is, Jody was my hero.  That sweet, sensitive 19-year-old girl who I fell in love with 20 years ago;  became a sweet, sensitive selfless woman who was ferocious.

I am continuing my wife’s fight to find a cure.  I am co-captain of HER Relay for Life team, Hope on the Move and I set the team goal for raising $20,000.

 I decided to join the team as co-captain to take over where Jody left off.  I asked myself one simple question -- What Would Jody Do? (WWJD)  And my answer was Jody would continue raising money and supporting this event so that little girls and boys will no longer have to grow up without their mommy or daddy. 









Cheer me on!

Thank you to my supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Amy Drechsler and family 
  2. Amy J Celli 
  3. Anna & Kristina Grondin$150
  4. Anonymous 
  5. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark 
  6. aunt kathy and uncle jeff 
  7. Back to Health Chiropractic PC 
  8. Bari Marchfeld 
  9. Baroo 
  10. Betsy and Chris Howgate 
  11. Betsy Bucknam 
  12. Brian Varner$100
  13. Bryan and Nicole 
  14. Candace Pagliccia 
  15. Chad and Beth Balon 
  16. Cheri Stevenson 
  17. Chretien family$50
  18. Christine Allen 
  19. Christine Long 
  20. Colleen M Lyons 
  21. Curtis Lake Church$150
  22. Dana Mauro 
  23. David and Cheryl Stack 
  24. Denise Swedish 
  25. Donnellan Family 
  26. Dr. Knudsen and Everyone at Great East Dental 
  27. Fred Berren$10
  28. grams 
  29. In Memory of Jody 
  30. Jaime Bernier-Saucedo$100
  31. Jeanne M Wellman 
  32. Jennifer Courtois 
  33. Jennifer Granzow 
  34. Jessica L Laliberte 
  35. Jim & Ellen Parsons$50
  36. Joanne Smith & Pat McPhee 
  37. John & Amy English$50
  38. John D English 
  39. Joni and Ross Mayer$100
  40. Kathryn K Howard 
  41. Kathy Doyle 
  42. Katie O'Regan 
  43. Kelli (Buzzell) Julian 
  44. Kelly, Pete and Zack Trudelle 
  45. Kevin C Delaney 
  46. Kristen & Mark Belanger 
  47. Kristen A Flink 
  48. Lana Wescott 
  49. Laura Gail Engel 
  50. Lynn Korus 
  51. Maine Offline Donation$1,175
  52. Mark & Jaclyn Davies 
  53. Matt, Michelle, Olivia & Jack Toolin 
  54. Mike and Brenda Froning 
  55. Mike, Sarah & Wade 
  56. Mitchell D Wilson 
  57. Mr. Bruce L Stake 
  58. Mr. Craig Handley 
  59. Mr. Matt Muskrat$50
  60. Mr. Matthew Lipp 
  61. Mr. Timothy Tourville 
  62. Mrs. Deanna Farrell 
  63. Ms. Karen J Murphy 
  64. Ms. Michelle Adams$35
  65. Ms. Peggy L Tardiff 
  66. Ms. Roxanne M Monmaney MEd 
  67. Paul and Mary Foster 
  68. Paul and Rachel Rumery$50
  69. Paul Stanley 
  70. Peggy Holsclaw 
  71. PK, EC, BK, JL, KT, AR, VC, KT, AD, SA, LF, JH, MS 
  72. Rfl Offline Donation$354
  73. Roger R Pomerleau 
  74. Sara Zambuto 
  75. Shannon A Sullivan$50
  76. Tanya Cernok 
  77. The Cash Family: Dave, Jen and Evan$50
  78. The Foye Family 
  79. The Kane Family 
  80. The Melvage Family 
  81. The Pattershall Family 
  82. The Pfifferling Family$100
  83. The Sansoucy Family$50
  84. The Schneidermans 
  85. The Toveys 
  86. Timothy Tourville$50
  87. Vicki J Foster 
  88. Vreeland Family 

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