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Asian Initiatives


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Dollars Raised$221.00
Number of Donations:2
Total Number of Participants:5
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Services of Asian Initiatives include providing bilingual assistance to cancer patients and their caregivers, providing assistance with patient navigation, smoking cessation, no-cost screenings for prevention and detection, and cancer-related education. By supporting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, you assist the Asian Initiatives region with delivering these services and providing outreach to the Asian-American population.

To participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with our Asian Initiatives Department, choose from one of the events below. Then, when starting your team on the appropriate event page, be sure to choose American Cancer Society Asian Initiatives from the company name dropdown list in step one.

Brooklyn, NY
Central Park, NY
Jones Beach
Queens, NY
Parsippany, NJ
Edison, NJ

Our Top Events

Event Name Dollars Raised Number of Participants:
Making Strides of Queens, NY



Making Strides of Edison, NJ



Making Strides of Central Park, NY



Our Top Teams

Team Name Event Name Dollars Raised Number of Participants:
Korean Breast Daffodil Making Strides of Queens, NY



Our Top Participants

Participant Name Event Name Dollars Raised
Baekbong Kim Making Strides of Queens, NY


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