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Why We Relay

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Macy's Employees Can Help Fight Cancer...

By forming Relay For Life teams at the local level, by volunteering time to help at the event, and by carrying out fund-raising activities to support the American Cancer Society.

Where Does the Money Go?

Your donations help the American Cancer Society provide funding for a wide range of services including research, education and treatment counseling for cancer patients, their families and medical professionals around the globe.

How Do I Get Involved?

Click "Sign Up", enter your zip code, and sign up for a Relay For Life near you. When you "Start a team" as a Team Captain, be sure to select Macy's from the drop-down of National Team corporations, and incorporate Macy's into your team name. Or, click the "Join Existing Team" link to become a team member.

Top Teams

Team Name Event Name Amount Members
Bronze Team Macy's Hopeaholics Relay For Life of Evansville



Macy's Partners in Time Relay For Life of Greenville Area



Top Participants

Participant Name Event Name Amount
Grand Club Barbara Lord Relay For Life of Evansville


Silver Club Donna Condi Relay For Life of Evansville


Silver Club Personal Donation Made Pamela Armstrong Relay For Life of Evansville


Almost Bronze Personal Donation Made Katherine LaRocca Relay For Life of Shepherd University


Hope Club Sara Burk Relay For Life of Evansville


Personal Donation Made Joanna Baker Relay For Life of Greenville Area


Cheryl Barrett Relay For Life of Evansville


Debbie Chuckas Relay For Life of West Maui 2018


Sharon Kearney Relay For Life of the Coastal Empire


Janeth Lovetower Relay For Life of Hanford 2018