Sun Country Airlines® Airplane Pull

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

9:00 AM

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Sun Country Airlines® Bldg. C Hangar (2005 Cargo Rd.)
2005 Cargo Road, Minneapolis Map it

14 teams and 220 participants have raised $46,869

Total above may not reflect all participants, teams, and donations

Thank you!!


A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Sun Country Airlines® Airplane Pull! Below are the final results of the pull. Congratulations to this year's returning champions the Sun Country Maintenance team lead by Daniel Hennes. Congratulations on your continued success in leading the fight for a world free of cancer!


Preliminary Rounds

1. SCA Finance/Charter Sales - 11.22s

2. Sun Country Maintenance - 11.22s

3. KS95's Team Mary O - 11.34s

4. Sun Country IT - 11.62s

5. Sun Country IT Pulling for the Fighters - 11.64s

6. Super Aero Cancer Fighters - 12.50s

7. Wing's Financial Dream Team - 13.02s

8. ACS Twin Cities, Pulling for a Cure - 14.22s

9. HR and Legal - 14.49s

10. Sun Country Reservations Team - 15.23s

11. Head Honchos - 15.66s

12. Planes, Trains, and Audio - 16.03s

13. SCA Commercial Crew - 17.33s


The Final Round Results:

1) Sun Country Maintenance - 10.75s

2) KS95's Team Mary O - 11.32s

3) SCA Finance/Charter Sales - 11.33s

4) Sun Country IT - 11.57s


Congratulations to the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS the Sun Country Maintenance Team!!


A special thank you as well to our top fundraising teams. Your inspiration to lead the fight against cancer and support those in need is truly inspiring. 

1. Sun Country IT Pulling for the Fighters - $5,913

2. HR & Legal - $5,765

3. Sun Country Reservations Team - $4,061


Thank you to our top fundraising participant Jill Sweiven who raised $3,600 on her own to lead the fight to a world free of cancer! Thank you, Jill!!


Congratulations as well to our prize winners this year!

Raffle Winners:

Lake Minnetonka Hometown Lakes Project Art - Carrie Schumann

SY & MN Lynx Gift Bag - Len Ballosh

Silent Auction Winners:

Partise autographed Wild jersey - Deb Houston


Feel free to check out photos from this year's event here! Thank you again to everyone who attendend this year's Sun Country Airlines® Airplane Pull benefiting the American Cancer Society!







All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.


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Join other area business leaders as they celebrate the important work that happens every day to help finish the fight against cancer.

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Fundraising Tips

The number one reason people donate to American Cancer Society events is because someone asked them to.


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Top Participants:

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Top Participants
  1. I Made a Donation Jill Sweiven - $3,650.00
  2. I Made a Donation Scott Rollin - $1,135.00
  3. I Made a Donation Jim Murphy - $1,000.00

Top Teams:

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Top Teams
  1. Sun Country IT Pulling for the Fighters - $5,913.00
  2. HR & Legal - $5,815.00
  3. Sun Country Reservations Team - $4,181.00