For anything and everything you need to be a successful Relay participant. You can find forms, documents, ideas, event information - EVERYTHING! If you can't find something, email us at gwinnettrelayforlife@gmail.com.


What you will find are 3 sections:

General Info: Includes forms to register, luminaria forms, event detail lists and information. Basically how to navigate the event.

Participant Info: Includes resources to help you fundraise successfully, to navigate your Relay website, and answer the always asked question "where does the money go?"

Team Captain Info: Includes what you need to lead your Team to success.


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Check back often - we are always updating our resources for you.


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Fairgrounds Map - see how our Relay is laid out at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds. Click HERE to get your Team's campsite number and locate your site.

- Important Things to Bring to Relay - how to prep for Relay night

- Activities and Entertainment Schedule - see what's happening. Check back often for updates

- Kid's Empowerment Lap - Kid's only lap hosted by John Hopkins ES Team, 18 years and under

- Frozen T-shirt contest and sing a long movie - Hosted by Mountain View HS Team

- Madden tournament - Bltz for the cure, the power is in your hands

- Relays Got Talent - just like the show, time to reveal what you can do

Gwinnett Office Information and Resource listing - all the contacts and online information you need

Offline Registration Form. Download to complete and return by fax/mail. To register as a Survivor use this same form as offline registration. There will be a check box to indicate you are a Survivor.

- Reflections at Relay - honor the loved one you have who has been affected by cancer. EMAIL THEIR PHOTO for display at our Reflections tent 

- Registration How to - share this with any Team member who has questions about signing up online

- Luminaria Form

All About Relay

Use these documents to share information about our Relay with others

- Relay Flyer

- Why is Relay an Overnight Event?



Participant Newsletters

The archive of current information to keep you up to date. Click on the date to access a newsletter.

- 11.14.16 Edition

Fundraising Tools

Use these tools to help you become a power fundraiser.

- Personalize your Fundraising page - making it more personal = more donations. See how easy it is

- Creating a powerful Relay "Ask" - use these tips to create your own personal story when fundraising.

Luminaria as a fundraiser - dedicate a light but a great fundraiser as well. Use these tips.

Tips to reaching your personal fundraising goal - plan your success with these tips.

- How donations make a difference - info you can share with your donors when they ask where their donations go. This infographic will also allow you to show them how important their donations are. Take it with you as you fundraise.

ABC's of Fundraising - ideas to help you easily fundraise

Relay For Life Activity Badges - wonder what those website symbols mean, here is a list.

Fundraising App - want to fundraise on the spot. Download the app and GO!

- National Individual Fundrasing Club - rewards for your fundraising excellence 



You will find that many of the documents you need are in the previous sections. Use the documents in the General Event Information section in registration of members and day of Relay activities. Use the documents in the Participant section to guide your Team members in fundraising activities. What follows are resources handed out at Team Captain meetings to help you successfully manage all of your Team activities.

- Team Captain meeting dates

Team Captain Training Handbooks

Use these documents as your encyclopedia for everything. If you would like a hard copy, pick up at the next Team Captain meeting or visit the Gwinnett office

- TC Site Selection Handout - prep for Relay with this info 

TC Handbook Part 1 - the basics and planning your success

TC Handbook Part 2 - implement, how to make it happen, fundraising and getting engaged

TC Handbook Part 3 - celebrate - why we work all year

- TC Handout 3.23 Meeting - Charging toward the Goal to End Cancer

- TC Expo Handbook - how to build a successful FUN raising Team



Team Captain Planning & Implementation Tools

Use these documents to help you plan and schedule activities and share information to your Team members

- Gwinnett Info Postcard- print and handout these info resource postcards to Team members 

- Activities Registration links - use these links to register your Team for Relay night activities:  Relays Got Talent, Road to Recovery, and Frozen T-shirt Competition. Also don't forget to share the Did it Till Dawn Tshirt information with yourTeam members, 

Site Selection and Clustering Guidelines - how to group your camp site if multiple Teams need to be together

- Team Onsite Fundraising Concessions Registration form - use this form to register your Team's onsite fundraising activity. Deadline to be included in the program book is Friday, April 22.

- Team fundraising goal worksheet - use this form to document and implement your Team fundraising plans.

Team Spirit Stick (NEW this year) - compete for points and be recognized at Relay. Also reference the National Team Fundraising Club flyer for signage recognition and the Event Day Awards listing announced during the Spirit of Relay ceremony.

- School Team Bookkeepter confirmation form - use this for the verifying your funds available for the April 1st t-shirt deadline.

2017 Activity Flyers - check out what is going on at Relay this year!