Meet the Overall Committee 

Overall Chairperson: Kristen Borsos

Kristen Borsos

 Hi!  My name is Kirsten Borsos and I am incredibly honored and excited to serve as the Executive Event Director for Relay For Life of 2017.  I am a senior with a major of Kinesiology Movement Science and the hopes of attending physical therapy school.  My journey with Relay For Life began in 2014 when I was involved with Relay For Life with my THON organization as a freshman.  My immediate love for Relay led me to becoming more involved as a Recruitment and Involvement Captain in 2015 and a Administrative Captain in 2016.  My passion for Relay For Life has only grown stronger over these past three years.  I am excited and determined to work with all of the Relay volunteers to continue to celebrate, remember, and fight back.  I believe that one day there will be a world without cancer.


Administrative Overall: Amy Berusch

Amy Berusch

  If you talk to most people, they have probably had some occurrence with cancer in their life. I have had countless family friends who were diagnosed with this terrible disease, and I watched their families suffer watching their loved ones slip away. But I never truly understood how they felt. That was until June 2014, when my grandfather, Pa, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

He was taken to the best hospitals and seen by the best doctors. My grandmother was a nurse for years, and proved to be the best nurse in his time of need. She stayed strong for him and kept the entire family together and updated about his condition. She encouraged all friends and family to pray and hope for the best, and believe me when I say we all did, but in the end, all of the defenses were no match for cancer.

Pa was the happiest, funniest, and kindest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am so proud to call him my grandfather. I’ve always imagined him hugging me after college graduation and being there to send me off on my wedding day, but he fell victim to cancer, and those dreams of mine will now never become a reality. 

Just over a year has gone by, and there is not a day that me, my family, and my grandmother do not think about him. I think about how much I miss him, but also about how I can honor him. I attended Relay For Life of Penn State my freshman year, but applied to be a Captain my sophomore year. I knew this was the best way to honor my grandfather - by helping and supporting others who have been or are currently being affected by cancer.

Pa is the reason that I fight against cancer as hard as I do, and I can only hope that I am making him proud and that he is watching over me, smiling. I will continue to carry on his legacy and fight for what I believe in, a world with no cancer, until we find a cure.

Pa is my reason to Relay and I encourage all of you to join Relay For Life of Penn State in the fight against cancer this school year. I promise you will not regret it!


Donor Relations Overall: Katie Ross

Katie Ross

Hello!! My name is Katie Ross and I am the Donor Relations Overall for Penn State’s Relay for Life 2017. I am a senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in International Business.  I am from Allentown, Pennsylvania and I can’t wait to start my third Relay for Life with such an amazing Overall committee.  This organization stole my heart freshman year when I volunteered as a team captain.  I continued with Relay my sophomore year becoming a Fundraising Captain!  I did not participate last year since I was abroad in Sevilla, Spain, but I am so excited to be back and more involved than ever!  I Relay in remembrance of my uncle who lost his fight to pancreatic cancer and all of those impacted by cancer today.  I can’t wait to spend countless hours alongside these girls to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back against cancer so we can make the world have more birthdays!


Entertainment Overall: Sarah Gardner 

My name is Sarah Gardner and I am the Entertainment Overall for Relay 2017! I am a senior from York, PA studying marketing with a minor in Psychology. My freshman and sophomore years I attended Relay with my friends as a part of a fundraising team. After my first two Relay’s I knew I wanted to be more involved so my junior year I joined the Public Relations Committee as the Social Media Chair. I’m so excited to spend my senior year making Relay For Life 2017 the best one yet and fighting for a world with more birthday’s. You can reach me at 


Fundraising and Special Events Overall: Aimei Lund Aimei Lund

Hi! My name is Aimei Lund and I am the Fundraising and Special Events Overall for Relay For Life of Penn State 2017! I am a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in deafness and hearing studies. I'm from Woodstock, New York and attending Penn State was the best decision I've ever made. I began my Relay journey as a team participant my freshman year, and my passion for Relay has only grown. I decided to apply to be a captain my sophomore year, and last year I was the Entertainment Overall. I am excited to embrace my new role as Fundraising and Special Events Overall. Together we will take the steps needed to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays!


Greek Recruitment & Involvement Overall: Courtney Mensch

Hi! My name is Shannon Harley and I am overjoyed to be the Greek Recruitment and Involvement Captain for Relay for Life 2017. I am a senior from Lansdale, PA studying Social Studies Education with a minor in History. This is my second year with Relay for Life of Penn State, holding the position of a captain last year. When I am not busy creating lesson plans or teaching my class of 10th graders, I enjoy investing my time to make Relay for Life the best possible event it could be. I am a member of Kappa Delta sorority, and enjoy being able to take two of my favorite organizations (Greek Life and Relay) and help them grow together. I am more than excited to see what this year brings, and cannot wait to tackle the role of Greek R&I Overall. CRFB!! 


Luminaria Overall: Lyndee Fluder

Lyndee Fluder

  Hi!! My name is Lyndee Fluder and I am the Luminaria Overall for Relay 2017. I am a senior majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering. My love for Relay began at a young age, when I began walking at my hometown's Relay For Life. This then led me to be the captain of my high school's relay team, and then a Luminaria captain for the past two years at PSU. My passion for the cause has grown so much due to my involvement here, and I cannot wait for that to continue this year! I am looking forward to an amazing year and an incredible Relay weekend at Penn State!!


Merchandise Overall: Melanie Kamil 

Melanie Kamil

  Hi! My name is Melanie Kamil and I am the Merchandise Overall for Relay For Life of Penn State 2017. I am a junior studying Telecommunications. I am from Middletown, New Jersey. My experience with Relay For Life began my freshman year after I transferred here from another university my second semester. A month after I transferred, I lost my mom to cancer. I knew that I had to share her story and ended up reaching out to Relay and was offered the opportunity to speak during the luminaria ceremony. The love and support I received from everyone made me want to be a part of Relay the following year! My sophomore year, I became a merchandise captain and I knew that I wanted to try to hold an even bigger role this year! This year I am beyond excited to be the Merchandise Overall and work with the other overalls in order to make Relay For Life of Penn State 2017 amazing. I am looking forward to seeing everything that we are going to accomplish! I fight for my mom and everyone else that is affected by cancer every year.


Public Relations Overall: Marissa Robertson 

Marissa Robertson

My name is Marissa Robertson  and I am the Public Relations Overall for Relay For Life of Penn State 2017. I am a senior studying Public Relations, with two minors in Human Development and Family Studies and Gerontology. My Relay For Life of Penn State journey began as a Public Relations captain during my sophomore year and I have enjoyed every minute of Relay over the past two years. During my sophomore year of college I suddenly lost a number of family members to stage four cancer. I’m excited to spread the word and educate individuals about the mission of the American Cancer Society as the Public Relations Overall for 2017, and look forward to making continuous progress in finding the cure and celebrating more birthdays in the world. Follow all of Relay For Life of Penn State's social media links to see what we're up to!

For additional inquiries please contact: 

Recruitment & Involvement Overalls:

 Madison Weidel 

  Hi! My name is Madison Weidel and I am one of the Recruitment and Involvement Overalls for Relay For Life of Penn State 2017. I am a senior majoring in Kinesiology with hopes of attending Physician Assistant school after graduation. My first Relay For Life experience was during my sophomore year at Penn State, when I attended with my service fraternity. I immediately fell in love with the passion and dedication shown by every participant in Relay, and I knew I wanted to be more involved. I served as a Recruitment and Involvement captain my junior year, and I’m so excited to spend my last year at Penn State as a Recruitment and Involvement Overall! I hope to spend this year getting the entire Penn State community as excited about Relay as I am, so that we can all work together towards a world with more birthdays.

Sydney Palmer 

Syndey Palmer

  Hi! My name is Sydney Palmer and I am one of the Recruitment and Involvement Overalls for Relay For Life of Penn State 2017. I am a senior studying Biobehavioral Health, with the dream of someday working in the health industry. Like most people at Penn State I am from outside of Philadelphia. I live in Richboro, PA which is located in Bucks County. My experience with Relay For Life began my freshman year when I was on a team within my sorority. I immediately fell in love with Relay weekend and decided I wanted to be a bigger part of making it all possible. My Junior year I was a captain on the Greek Recruitment and Involvement where my passion for Relay grew tremendously. This year I am beyond excited to be one of the Recruitment and Involvement Overalls and work with the other overalls in order to make Relay For Life of Penn State 2016 the best one yet. I’m looking forward to doing everything I can in order to help make sure that one day Cancer will not win. I fight for more birthdays and a world without Cancer.


Survivorship Overall: Liz Gilland

Liz Gilland 

  Hi, my name is Liz Gilliland. I am a junior studying PreK-4 Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education. This is my third year involved in Relay For Life and this year I am the Survivorship Overall. I am also the treasurer of Rêve Dance Company and a three year member of the College of Education Student Council. I am very excited to be so involved with Relay this year and I Relay for my several family members who have been affected by cancer. We Are…going to find a cure