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Relay For Life is a grass roots, community-based team event.

Every Relay has different components, but here are a few things they all have in common:


Opening Ceremony


2017 Relay For Life Event Schedule

10:00 am- Event Set-up begins- Teams can start setting up their team areas!


11:30 am- Registration/check-in opens

Participants can turn in donations and get their wristband (required for any youth staying past 9 pm; Youth must be registered and have completed participation and Chaperone forms). Team Captain (or team rep) can pick-up shirts for anyone that has raised $100


Survivors should register/check-in at the Survivor VIP tent to get their purple t-shirt and goody bag


11:30 am- Survivor reception in the Survivor VIP tent: light refreshments will be served


12:00 pm- Event Ribbon Cutting-Welcome everyone, track rules reminder, a Survivor will cut a ribbon to officially begin the event. Survivor Lap #1 then team lap


12:30 pm- Slip, Slap, Slop Game on turf- Can your team be the first to complete running to each station and slip on a hat, slap on some shades and slop on some sunscreen?


1:00 pm- Superhero Silhouette Game- Can you guess the Superhero from their Silhouette/Shadow- Sheets must be turned in by 4:30 pm.


1:15 pm- Superhero T-Shirt/Costume Lap- dress up in your favorite t-shirt/costume and act like your favorite superhero.


1:30 pm- First Responders Lap


1:45 pm- Relay Kids Lap


2-4 pm- Bebhinn from Jo Jo’s Fabulous Faces- Face painting


2:00 pm- Pass the Water game

2:30 pm- Coaches vs Cancer Team Laps


3:00 pm- Frozen T-Shirt Contest- Can your team be the first to unfreeze and wear a t-shirt?


3:30 pm- Mission Blast Game


4:00pm- Opening Ceremony with Speeches- MC- Amanda Austin

National Anthem- Kate Diaco

Survivor Speaker- Ellen Connery

Sponsor- Pioneer Bank- Ellen Fogarty

Survivor Lap #2


4:45 pm- Road to Recovery Race- Teams of 8 take turns racing 2 at a time around the track in you car (box). Winning team will receive a prize!


5-6 pm- Survivor Reception in WHS Cafeteria


5-7 pm- Purple Hair Extentions for $10 each by Jenai Southard from Fleur De Lis


5:15 pm- Superhero Unfreeze Game- Little Army men have been frozen in water, can you be the first team to unfreeze it?


5:45 pm- Relay Kids Lap/Youth Lap and Luminaria set-up begins


6:00 pm- Welcome Survivors back from Dinner, Survivor Lap #3


6:30 pm- Caregiver Speech and Lap- Speaker- TBA


7:00 pm- Pie in the Face Challenge- Pie the ELT member


7:15 pm- Veteran’s Lap


7:30 pm- Bobbing for Donuts- Can you eat a donut hanging off a string with only your mouth?


8:00 pm- ELT Lap


8:30 pm- Luminaria Ceremony


9:15 pm- Fight Back Lap - Dance Lap Get up and Get Active! Be ready for the Macarena, YMCA, Electric Slide and more!


9:30 pm- Survivor and teams that hold a raffle- Raffle Winners Announced

Youth wristband check- need to be registered and have a chaperone onsite to stay past 9:30


9:45 pm- Kryptonite Relay Race


10:15 pm- Hope Balloon Release


10:30 pm- Final call to turn in any donations at the registration tent


10:45 pm- Fight Back Ceremony- I Relay For Lap-


11:30 pm- Closing Ceremony


12:00 am- Relay Ends









Each Luminaria bag represents a loved one lost to cancer, brings support to those affected by it, and honors survivors. This powerful moment gives people the opportunity to grieve but also offers hope and comfort.



Closing Ceremony



We celebrate all that we've accomplished together and remember those we've lost. Together, we commit to take action and help end the pain and suffering of cancer.