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Relay For Life of Vallejo

Saturday, August 6-7, 2016

10 a.m.-10 a.m.

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St Patricks -St. Vincent High School
1500 Benicia Rd, Vallejo, CA Map it

53 teams and 452 participants have raised $113,754.90

Total above may not reflect all participants, teams, and donations

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Vallejo Relay For Life

Stage Entertainment Schedule Relay for life 2016


Saturday, Aug. 6

10:00am – Opening Ceremony

11:00am – Laughing Yoga – Teena Miller

11:45am – Zumba – Maria Crisostomo

12:30pm – Guitar player – Natalia Fabian

1:00pm – Benicia Jazzercise

2:00pm – All New City Dance

3:00pm – Circulo Cultural

4:00pm – Blessed Love Band

5:00pm – Benicia Jazzercise

6:00pm – Poem – George Samson

6:30pm – Soaring Eagles

7:15pm – Ohana O’ Lokomaika’i Dancers

8:30pm – Luminaria Ceremony

9:30pm – Ohana O’Lokomaika’i Dancers

10:30pm – Dance Party


Sunday, Aug. 7

7:00am – Benicia Jazzercise

8:30am – Closing Ceremony


*Tentative Schedule subject to changes, additions and subtractions.

Time Starts


Finishes at (if applicable)

Award or Certificate?






Opening Ceremonies – Center Stage, Survivor Lap, Caregiver Lap




24 hour Stamp card available at TA booth




Box Car Build starts








Make a SPIRIT banner or sign for your team @ the TA booth




Wet T-shirt Contest (weather depending)


Certificate, Award


Scavenger DAY hunt start




Photo Booth at the TA Booth




Box Car check in and initial judging at TA Booth




Box Car Laps – 3 laps around the track with your team




Green Laps – help keep relay clean!




Why I relay Social Media laps




Crazy Hat Laps – borrow hats from TA booth




Bubble Blowing Laps




Photo Booth Laps – take a photo with a prop at TA booth




Timed Laps – beat a pacerunner


Certificate, Award


Dice Roll Dares and Finds


Certificate, Award


Quiet Time – Center Stage Ceremonies




Why we Relay Lap – fill social media with your reasons




Scavenger Hunt – NIGHT - Starts




PJ Party Time




LED Light up the track!








Scrabble Laps


Certificate, Award


SPIRIT Laps – Banners, signs, costumes




LED Light up the track!




BINGO Laps – multiple games possible


Certificate, Award


Bubble Wrap Lap (if supplies)




Zoo Laps – bring out your stuffed animals!




Dice Roll NIGHT Dares (or Finds!)




Poker Relay Laps – make the best hand!


Certificate, Award


Dice Roll Morning Activities




Wake Up the track!  Kazoos available at TA booth




Social Media Bedhead Laps – show off your overnight spirit!




SPIRIT Laps!  Banner, Signs, Costumes




Green Laps – Help clean up the track as you find trash please!

Check in and turn in Stamp Card for award






Closing Ceremonies – Center Stage :)







Solano Association of Realtors 1306 Springs Rd., Vallejo CA

Stop by for a few, or stay the whole time. Munchies provided. Meet others that are part of the fight.



Teams with      are

Giving out a gifts to our survivors



AILEEN’S CREW FOR A CURE                                     Aileen Jamison

Campsite 18                                                                                            

     Glitter Up Your life


AKA’S PEARLS FOR A CURE                                        Ida Barbour

Campsite 55 & 56


BENICIA JAZZERCISE                                                    Pat Maggard

Campsite 25  United Nations

     Free Jazzercise Classes & Plank Off, Raffle


BREAD STICK NATION                                                   Pam Wayler



Campsite 68


BUNCO MAMAS – CUT FOR A CURE                          Shawna Petrie

Campsite 27






BUSY BUDDIES                                                                  Debbie Strickland

Campsite 3 & 4  USA

     Raffle Ticket – Bicycle, Quilt & More


BUTTERFLIES OF HOPE                                                 Mari Salazar

Campsite 57     Mexico

     Games for All


CITY OF VALLEJO                                                           Alyssa Alford

Campsite 59

     Selling cancer ribbons & dedication cards


COLDWELL BANKER SOLE PATROL                                    Valerie Bechelli

Campsite 21


D & D FITNESS WARRIORS                                           Darren Coleman

Campsite 46






DRAGON LADIES                                                  Debbie Ludwig

Campsite 13     China

     Paint classes at Relay 4:00 PM, Raffle & Motivational Plaques


FUN ANGELS                                                                      Denise Pendergast

                                                                                                Polly Mc Call






FRIENDS AND FAMILY                                       Kim Cooper

Campsite 35

     Selling raffle tickets for a Adirondack chair and Dove Release


FRIENDS AND FAMILY JR                                             Emily Cooper

Campsite 36


GORDONS                                                                            Carly Gordon

Campsite 50

     Selling lemonade in a souvenir cup


HAMANN HEARTS FOR A CURE                                 Charis Pasley

Campsite 54


HONEY BEES                                                                      Al Krajewski

Campsite 26   Italy

      Raffle, Baked Goods & Jewelry Sale


HOPE FOR A CURE                                                           Donna Hope

Campsite 10

     Book Sale


JUMANJI                                                                              Dhanvi Arouge


KP CELEBRATE LIFE                                                     Dilenna Harris

Campsite 68 & 69

      Presenting Sponsor, Health Screenings & Information          


KINDRED AT HOME                                                        Jon Robins

Campsite 15


LAUGHING HEARTS                                                        Teena Miller

Campsite 62


LINDA’S ANGELS                                                             Jordan Gallagher

Campsite 14

     Lap Lanyards, Lemonade Stand

M$HELL                                                                               Mshell Dagri


 MAMA’S FAMILY                                                             Lyrio Pendergast

Campsite 16 & 17

     Selling Lumpia, Cookies and Kid’s Slime






MMP AND MVP’S                                                  April Salvadori

Campsite 44 & 45

     Raffle, Baked Goods


MARIA’ GOOD NEIGHBEARS                                       Maria Zuniga



MASONIC FAMILIES                                                        Toni Kendall

Campsite 70


NLC WOMEN’S MISISTRY                                             Miriam Ramirez

Campsite 64






OOLE 4 LIFE!                                                                      Michelle Ganzon-Bonnit

Campsite 51 & 52

     Raffle, Henna Tattoos and an Ice Cream Truck


PINKY’S PURPLE                                                              Hannah Valenzuela

Campsite 7     Mexico

     Tamales for Sale


REMEMBERING OUR FRIENDS                                   Brenda Calhoun


SOLANO HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY                       Jenalynn Domingo

Campsite 8






SPSV VARSITY BRUIN FOOTBALL                             Drew Gilmore

Campsite 66 & 67      Ireland

     Obstacle Course, Baked Goods, Raffle


SPSV BRUIN CHEER SQUAD                                         Marissa Pagador

Campsite 28 & 29


SOLANO HEMATOLOGY  ONCOLOGY                      Jenalynn Domingo

Campsite 8


ST. PAUL’S HOLY STROLLERS                                                Laura Peabody

Campsite 61



SUTTER SOLANO MEDICAL CENTER                                   Susan Austin

Campsite 5 & 6       Phillipines                                                        

     Raffle, Fans – Sponsor Survivor Lunch



TEAM THOMAS                                                                 Makesha Thomas

Campsite 47

        Brownies & Snowcones


TEAM WINTERS                                                                Troy Barnett



TEAM LEW                                                                         Melody Weber Read

Campsite 11


THE RIBBON WARRIORS                                               Samantha Welton







TWEETY’S SWEETIES                                                     Laurie Bennet

Campsite 60  Tweety’s Travels Around The World

     Raffle, Bra Pong, Bird House painting, Baked Goods






VALLEJO ADMIRALS BASEBALL TEAM                 Christine Butler

Campsite 9

     Photo with the Admirals Players


VALLEJO EDUCATION ASSOCIATION                      Loree Tackmier

Campsite 40 & 41     USA

     Selling Blinky Things


VALLEJO BEST BUY                                                        Melissa Fisher

Campsite 65


VSFCD – ROYAL FLUSH                                                 Zoeanne Tafolla

Campsite 31 & 32     Canada


WILD WOMEN FIGHT BACK                                        Denise Keary

Campsite 12


YAY AREA HEALTHY                                                     Vincent Valenzuela



Welcome to Relay 101, where you can learn everything you need to know about participating in Relay for Life of Vallejo!  This page was written for Relay beginners, but if you’re looking for a refresher course, or the latest changes, please read on.

For additional important information, read over the Rules and Regulations at the end of this document.

About Relay:

Relay is a 24-hour Team event where each Relay Team has a member walking the track for the entire 24 hours. You may participate in the event as an individual, not tied to a team, but to experience Relay at its best, being part of a team is recommended. To joIn our Relay, just click on “Sign Up.”

Relay teams have a Team Captain and sometimes Co-Captains, too. The Captain coordinates the Relay Team, distributing information and attending Team Captain Meetings once a month (see our Event Calendar). Team Captains are the heart of our Relay.

Each Team Member commits to raise $100, but don’t worry – we provide lots of help! Team Members are encouraged to sign up on our Web Site, www., where they can use helpful tools like an address book and an e-mail system that comes complete with donation request letter templates. Teams and Team Members sign up, personalize their page, and use the e-mail system to send donation request letters. The recipients receive links to the Team Member’s personal page and may use the website to donate with a credit card. If they prefer to mail their donations, instructions are found on each member’s page.  

From the website click on the find more event information to navigate our Vallejo Relay website. Here you will find links to Team Captain Information, flyers and info for upcoming fundraiser, Event Leadership team member contacts, Captain’s meeting dates, event volunteer forms, waivers, etc. The website is our main method of communication with Teams, our Survivors and the community.

And for all of you who like to stay “connected”, you can find us on:

Facebook: Like Relay for Life of Vallejo, CA


These are great ways to stay involved. LIKE us on Facebook and get the latest updates as they are posted. And if you follow us on Twitter, you getevent “tweets” too.

Pre-Event Registration:

Team Members and Survivors who have registerd online have automatically signed their waivers. This is the easiest way to regsiter and we encourage Teams and Team Members to register online. Team Members or Survivors who have not registered online must complete a Particpant/Survivor Registrion Form AND an event waiver. Registration forms may be attained from the ACS office or your Team Captain. Event waivers are available from the Forms page, your Team Captain, or the ACS office.

Guests attending the Relay (people who are not Team Members and do not commit to raising $100) MUST also sign and event waiver. These will be available at the Welcome booth upon entering the vent on Relay day, or downloaded on the forms page of the Vallejo Relay for Life website.

Everyone entering the event is required to wear a wristband whether they are a Team Member, Survivor or Guest.

Anyone under 18 must have an event waiver signed by a parent/guardian, even if they register online. Printable waivers are available online. If you have questinos about youth teams or participants, please contact the Team Ambassador assigend to your team.

Campsite Selection:

You will be able to select your campsite when you attend your FIRST Team Captain Meeting. We encourage you to come out and meet others , no campsite is a bad campsite and we will be happy to help you understand the different options. RV and Motor home sites are also available all RV’s must remain at the track until after 11:00 AM on Sunday.


Campsite Setup (Friday): 

Our 24-hour event takes place at St.Patrick St. Vincent High School starting at 10:00 AM Saturday August 6, 2016. Teams may set up their campsites from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM on Friday night. There is no camping Friday night, but we will have somone on site to watch your things. Most teams bring their/raffle sales items on Saturday morning, just to be safe.

You may drive your vehicle onto the track in a counter-clockwise direction. Please pull up to your designated camp site unload your vehicle and then return it to the parking lot as you organzie and set-up your site.  Motor homes and trailers will be parked in the designated areas around the outside of the track, please try to arrive before 4:00 PM or after 6:30 PM to park your RV’s only because this is the buisiest times at the track you may be asked to wait to park until some of the vehicles are unloaded.

Campsite sizes are still being determined but should easily fit a 12 x 12 canopy. Most sites use popups to provide shelter from the sun, as well as one or more camping tents for the nights. SPSV is often windy in the evening so it’s best to lower your pop-ups after settng up your campsite on Friday night. Bring some old towels on Saturday morning, as there will be a layer of dew on things you left overnight. Please be sure to pick up all stakes during breakdown as they can cause serious injury to the football team at practice on Monday after the Relay.

Helpful things to bring:

  • 1 or 2 popups
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Decorations
  • Flashlights
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Warm clothing
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
  • Case of Water
  • Long click lighter (to light luminaria bags when instructed)
  • Team banner

Power is not available and generators are discouraged, You will be roughing it! If you need power for a fundraiser please notify logistics at campsite selection. There are few key places we may be able to run power to.

Please pass the information to all team memebers that ACS does NOT allow dogs (except service dogs with identification as such) a the event.  Remember, NO open flames – lanterns, stoves, bbq’s etc. And, of course No smoking! Please be sure campsites are cleared of all trash before you leave at the end of the event. Please dump sand onto the track from the luminaria bags. As you leave please bring all garbage cans to the front dumpster.

Mission Message:

What is a Mission Message (Fight Back) and how does it relate to Relay?

“Mission Message”  is a term we use in Relay to promote the American Cancer Society (ACS) mission of eliminating cancer. The mission is simple… we want to help people Get Well, Stay Well, and Find Cures to Fight Back by knowing about the accomplishments of the ACS and the free programs/services it offers to cancer patients & cargivers.

As a team, it is your responsibility to help promote this mission at your campsite on Relay Day. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. Post information at your campsite for the public to view about a particular cancer, a major research milestone, or promoting one of the free programs/services ACS offers (such as Road to Recovery, Look Good Feel Better, etc. )
  2. Have a fun activity at your campsite for the public to engage in such as bra pong to promote breast cancer or Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap to promote skin cancer. Or, host a “car show” to promote the Road to Recovery program.
  3. Have a combination of a message and fun activity to really connect with the public.

There is a committee  dedicated to help your team find the perfect Mission Message (Kim Cooper). They have knowledge and information you will need to promote the ACS mission. We expect every single team to have a Mission Message and/or activity in your campsite at Relay. If you need ideas you can visit and search for fight back campsite ideas – there are a tone of examples!

Day of Event (Saturday):

Gates will open at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning and you can again drive onto the track counter-clockwise unload your vehicle and return to the designated parking areas outside of the gates, please do not take more than a few minutes to unload and park your cars. No vehicles will be allowed onto the track after 8:30 AM and all cars must be off and parked by 9:00 AM, sorry no exception!

Overflow parking will be available in the CHP parking lot across the street as well as the Medical Office building on Rose Dr. Team Chevrolet has a Van Shuttle that runs until after the Luminaria Ceremony to both lots. We will have parking guides and a limited amount of Handicap spaces. Please DO NOT leave valuables in your car in view or sight, we do not have security in the parking lot however we do have security in the event.

Survivor registration distribution of t-shirts and breakfast start at 9:00 AM. All participants, team members, survivors and guests must have a wrist band as explained in the pre-event registration section. If not sure please start at the Welcome Tent at the front gate.

Watch for more information about our event schedule on the website at

Fundraising Rules at the Event:

No Alcohol is permitted on the Relay grounds, including wine or liquor included in a raffle basket.

There are no games of chance/gambling allowed at Relay. This includes 50/50 chance, poker,  and blackjack, just to name a few. If your team is spotted hosting hese games, we wll ask the team captain to cease and desist that activity immediately. No exceptions – this can jeapordize the ACS non-profit status.

Team are allowed to sell tangible goods in their campsite as well as food both hot, cold and  pre-packaged. Tangible goods can include arts & crafts, jewelry, books, music, movies, donated itesm, and silent auctions. The ACS is required to pay sales tax on tangivle goods during Relay day. For these situations, there will be a special green “Taxable Sales” Income Envelopt for teams use from the Captains Station.

Raffles are allowed at Relay. Donated raffle items can cinclude small appliances, gift certifiates, gift baskets etc. Both Hot and Cold food items may also be sold. Relayers are always a hungry bunch and it is a great way to fuel the visitors.  For these situations, there is a special pink “Raffle & Food” income envelope for teams to use from the Captains Station.

Green and Pink envelopes do NOT get put into th white team captain’s envelope when you are turning in donations. We encourage you to turn in donations throught the day on Saturday and not waiting until Sunday morning.

Relay starts with our Celebrate Ceremony in front of the stage at 10:00 AM The ceremony will be about 30 min, and then we begin our Survivor Lap. Our survivors are our VIP’s and we honor them by standing by the campsites around the track and applauding as they walk by. This is an emotional high point for Relay!

The Team Lap will follow the end of the survivor lap as the survivors come around the track… TEAMS DO NOT NEED TO LINE UP. The teams should begin walking from their campsites as the FINAL survivors pass by their campsite. We will announce the teams from their banners as they pass the starting point, so please show the announcers your banner as you pass by.

Relay for life is a 24-hour event… there should always be a member of each team on the track at all times, even in those wee hours of the morning! To help schedule walkers, print out a Walker Sign Up Sheet from the documents page.

After the Team Lap, we get down to Relay buisness. Teams will have their raffles, games, slaes, auctions, etc. ready to go. Survivors will have their VIP guest card and visit each team that is participating to be recognized. We invite each team to be a par tof the VIP guest card. You may give a free raffle ticket, sticker, free try at your game etc. Whatever you would like. Please email your item to be listed on the VIP card to

Acivites are scheduled throught the day in our center field and track lap activties as well as the Kid Zone in the middle opposite the stage. For a schedule of activities, music and performances see the Event Schedule in the Relay Program.

Luminaria’s Fundraising and Bag Set up:

You may sell Luminaria up until the day of the event, suggested donation of $10 is encourage but not required. You may turn your bags in for us to fill and set out or you may fill the bags yourself and place near your campsite. Please Fill your bags and place on the track by 4:00 PM.

Instructions for filling:

  1. Make sure the top of the bag is folded twice, this keeps it open and glowing longer
  2. Add sand, located by the baseball backstop –, DO NOT BE SKIMPY!! If you don’t add enough sand the bag will blow closed and catch on fire.
  3. Place bags about 5-6” apart around the track leaving space for a bag in between. This will prevent us from having to move the bags.
  4. Place cup and candle inside and make sure the wick is standing straight up so it can be lit easily.
  5. Please be kind to our volunteers if they have to relocate bags in order to fill the track! We want the whole field lined.
  6. At the conclusion of the Luminaria Ceremony, please dedicate a volunteer or two to light the bags in front of your campsite PLEASE WAIT UNTIL THE TORCH PASSES in front of your campsite. (This is why we ask you to have lighters)


In the early evening, Relayers will see volunteers setting up the thousands of Luminaria that will line the track during our Luminaria Ceremony and through the night. Relay attendance swells just before this ceremony, as it is the highlight of our event. Unfortuanlety, this creates a parking challenge, so please inform any guests about the shuttle and encourage carpooling.

At 8:30 PM, our guest Luminaria Speaker(s)  will inspire us all. After the Rememberace Ceremony, The Sharon Miller Inspirational Award Winner will Carry our torch of Hope and lead a silent lap around the track. As the torch passes your campsite, please use your lighter to light the bags infront of your campsite. PLEASE DO NOT LIGHT YOUR LUMINARIA CANDLES UNTIL THE TORCH PASSES YOUR SITE. A reverent hush falls over Relay during this time, and amazing experince.

Our main stage entertainment will continue from 10:00PM – Midnight. You won’t want to miss a special fire dance to get the late night started at 10:00 PM. Although the tempo of Relay slows at night, as many people try to get some sleep, we encourage our Teams to have all-night activiteis to help spur on the walkers who have signed up for those early mornign hours. Rumor hs it our Track Lap Activites Crew will be watching out for the team with the best over-night activities! But Shhhhhhh…. Some people are sleeping!

Final Day (Sunday):

Rejuvenate in the morning with an early morning Jazzercise class and our Fight Back Pancake Breakfast sponsored by the Vallejo Sububarn Kiwanis beginning at 7:00 AM. The wonderful smell of pancakes and sausage fills the morning air and prepare youfor the morning’s activites!


Our Fight Back/Closing Ceremony begins at 8:30 AM with Dove Release Fundraiser, Special Awards and inspires Relayers to keep up the fight even after Relay is over. Following the ceremony, Teams take the track for their final lap, proudly displaying their team banners and award yard signs. This is the offical end of Relay 2016 and campers return to their sites to break camp. PLEASE take extra care to clean your own campsite before leaving the field!

More Information:

More Questions? Don’t worry, we’re happy to help! Contact the event Chairs at If you have NEVER been to a Relay for Life event,  check  out the photos on facebook and google is a great please to get ideas. Thanks for joining our  Relay Family!

See you at Relay!

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world's largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish the fight once and for all. With the support of thousands of volunteers like you, the American Cancer Society is helping save more than 500 lives a day. Please join us and take action against a disease that has taken too much!

Relay For Life Luminaria Ceremony

Remember or honor a loved one who has battled cancer with a luminaria tribute bag »

Relay Nation

Connect with others and find resources to help you participate in the Relay For Life movement »

Cancer Charity Fundraising

Find out more about your Relay For Life event »



Event sponsored by:

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Top Participants:

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Top Participants
  1. Emerald Club Personal Donation Made Susan Austin - $3,021.00
  2. Emerald Club Debbie Strickland - $2,846.00
  3. Emerald Club Charlene Neill - $2,845.00

Top Teams:

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Top Teams
  1. Jade Team KP Celebrate Life - $10,100.00
  2. Platinum Team Benicia Jazzercise - $8,010.00
  3. Platinum Team FUN Angels - $7,849.00

Top Companies:

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  1 -  Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC - NCTP       ($4,089.00)
  2 -  DeMolay International - Youth Affiliate       ($2,945.00)
  3 -  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority       ($1,521.00)


Contact Vincent Valenzuela:

(707) 425-5006

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