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Please join me in my fight against cancer!

Welcome to Becky's World Save


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My Reason to Relay

This will be my thirteenth  Relay for Life (I think). This is my fifth Galveston Relay. It is common to be asked why we Relay. I did the first one for fun and to have a chance to socialize with some coworkers. When I saw my first survivor lap and luminaria lighting, I was hooked. The American Cancer Society works in so many ways to help those with cancer, to help find treatments and cures, and to educate the public about those cancers which can be avoided. The Relay for Life events that occur all over the world bring those with cancer, those with family and friends battling cancer, and those who have lost loved ones to cancer together to laugh, to cry and to bring about a change.

I relay because I believe in what the ACS does and that the contributions of my supporters will make a difference. I relay for people like Kelly, a young lady I never met, who lost her battle and now her mom rallies relay teams each year in Alvin. I relay for my family members who have conquered cancer and for those who didn't. I relay because I look forward to the day when we talk about cancer in the past tense.

Now I relay for a much more personal reason. On July 2,2012, the doctor came out of doing a biopsy on a mass in my husband's neck. She took us into a small room and told us what no family wants to hear. The mass in my husband's neck was a cancerous tumor. He went through 3 doses of chemo and 35 radiation treatments. At midpoint, the doctor told us that most of the mass was gone. We watched the continued harsh effects of the chemo and radiation the week after it finished. Then on September 29th, he went to the ER. His kidney was already failing at that point and it put the rest of his vital organs into distress. They were able to stabilize him and move him to ICU on the 30th. He passed away the morning of October 1, 2012. While I feel it was the treatment rather than the cancer that killed him, he wouldn't have had to go through all of that if it hadn't been for the cancer.  I have heard presentations by survivors, caregivers and other family members for years. Now I see things with a whole new perspective. We need to prevent it, find cures for what we can't prevent, and make sure those cures don't lead to other complications. Please help!


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