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HOPE is in MY hands!! Save


$1,150 raised $2,000 goal

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My Story...

Why I Celebrate. Why I Remember. Why I FIGHT BACK!


I celebrate because I had cancer. At age 30. I was very, very lucky... and extremely blessed... because it was caught so early by a Technician who paid attention. I thank God for her every day.


I remember the life of my late husband, Joe, who was taken from me after just 4 years of marriage. He was 47 years old, and he didn't want to die. I remember my 32 year old uncle, my 42 year old aunt, my 63 year old grandfather... the list goes on. My dear Hero of Hope friend Tracy... and a colleague's husband, Brian. They were both 36, and left young children behind.

I fight back for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. I fight back so that someday NO ONE will be touched by cancer.

I HATE cancer. Despise it with each fiber of my being. We MUST find a cure, and I am a part of that search. I want the children of my friends and family to NEVER hear those words about anyone. As an American Cancer Society Hero of Hope, I support this mission with my whole heart and soul - but I know that it can't happen without money and resources.

In today's economic times, I realize how difficult it can be to find anything extra to give. But think of your own family members. Your spouse. Your children. Your significant other. What happens when they have to hear those words? By donating, you are helping deliver the hope that future generations will not have to endure cancer threatening the lives of their friends and family. Your $5...your $25, your $100... it might just be the straw that breaks the back of this horrid disease.

You can play a part in finding that cure. YOU have the power to FIGHT BACK against a disease that affects millions! Please donate today. We are in the fight of our.. and FOR our... lives. 

Cheer me on!

Thank you to my supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Alison Field 
  2. Anonymous 
  3. Cgals$20
  4. Dianne R Baughman 
  5. Dodie Aycock 
  6. Don & Janene Davison 
  7. Dr. Keith P Bly$50
  8. Golda Leonard$100
  9. IMO Dean Detchon 
  10. in memory of my Dad and Sister$20.14
  11. Julie Dowling$10
  12. Kathleen E Doring$25
  13. Kelly Dowing Smith  
  14. Kevin Chris Wooten 
  15. Linda Adams 
  16. Lisa Velasquez 
  17. Lynne Harrison$50
  18. Marilyn Petty 
  19. Mrs. Danielle Denise Soria-Orozco 
  20. Mrs. Melanie Smith$20.14
  21. Ms. Carol A Hodges 
  22. Ms. Deborah Brown 
  23. Ms. Deborah Brown$21.14
  24. Ms. Lisa J Velasquez$30
  25. Ms. Tracy Ferguson 
  26. Nationwide Kickoff!!!$20.14
  27. Pamela Porter 
  28. Stan & Lynn Smith$50
  29. Steve Zamzow$100
  30. Sylvia S. Aulenti$10

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