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My hero

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My Reason to Relay

I Relay for one main reason, to help the fight against cancer. So that way we can raise enough money to find a cure and put an end to this terrible disease. I have encountered cancer on two very different levels, my mother who is a eleven year survivor, and my father who fought hard, but in the end lost his battle with cancer.


My guardian angel:

On June 16th 2010 we found out that my father had esophagus, liver and stomach cancer. He went through many rounds of chemo and on November 26th we were so glad to hear that he was in partial, and on his way to full, remission. But in late December, those hopes came crashing down around us. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to take some time off from chemo in order to build his strength back up. Within those few weeks off the cancer came back with a vengeance. Not only had it returned to the original places, but now it was in his lymph nodes, his brain, his bones, the nerves in his back and the tumors had wrapped themselves around the vessels of his heart. Because of the extent of the new diagnoses they gave my father six weeks to live. All the seven months my father was sick he always kept his spirits up and never lost his sense of humor; and even after receiving this devastating news, he never gave up and continued fighting until the very end on January 31st 2011 he lost his battle with cancer.


My father was my best friend, my chemo kid, my partner in crime, and is one of my reasons to Relay. I love him and miss him with all my heart and I know that he will always be watching over me.


My hero:  

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was young. All I knew was that mommy was sick, but not to worry because she was a fighter and she would soon be better. And a fighter she is. My mother battled cancer and won. She is now a survivor and I couldn't be more proud of her amazing accomplishment. She is everything that I want to be to my children when I grow up, a role model, my hero and overall the strongest woman that I know. I can honestly say that I don't know what would have happened if her treatment had gone any other way.  


Survival is something that is very important to me, whether survival means ten days, ten weeks, or ten years, today we recognize all of the incredible survivors who have battled this terrible disease. Happy eleven years of being cancer free mom, and here is to many, many more! You continue to be one of my reasons to Relay, and are my constant reminder of hope.


I also Relay for two other important people in my life; my grandma and grandpa Hubbard. My grandma is a proud survivor and my grandpa recently passed away. They both have influensed my life in such positive ways, I dont know where I would be without them. 


At first I came to SVSU to be a part of their music program, but because of the new direction that my life was taking me, I quickly realized that music was not right for me. Even though music is still one of my passions and I hope that it will always be part of my life, I am now a social work major. I plan on going in to grief counseling and I hope to help make times easier for families who have recently lost their loved ones.


As Colleges Against Cancer president I am working very hard to make cancer prevention and education an important matter on SVSU's campus. Being a caregiver myself, I know the difficulties of going through school and having to take care of a sick loved one as well. I want to make sure that students know that we are here to help, support, and be a shoulder to lean on during any of their hard times.

Cheer me on!

Thank you to my supporters!

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