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Hello friends!


Its that time again. Relay time. One of the times a year that we come together to share our stories, to show our support, to help fight the war against cancer. This year is a REALLY big year for my mother and my family due to her being diagnosed with cancer, again. First time being kidney cancer and this time oral cancer. I want to bring in more supporters and fighters to help cure this disease. This is my fight to help her NEVER hear the words "you have cancer" again. I have written this letter in sections so that you can read what you want. Everything that is in this letter is important for me to share with you. 



It has been a while since I have talked to many of you, but I wanted to update each one of you on what has been going on my third year at Saginaw Valley State University! I apologize in advance, this letter is pretty long. Before school began, I was taking two summer classes, working at camp and doing an internship at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. I now am back up at school taking 15 credits and working two jobs. One being for housing on campus (20 hours per week) and the other is working for campus police for sports games doing security (normally 10 hour shifts).


My organizations have slightly changed since last year. I recently founded SVSU’s first Jewish RSO on campus called Hillel, bringing Jewish education and programming to our campus. I also am a part of the Criminal Justice Society, Student Conduct Board and their task force, National Residential Housing Honorary (top 1% of student leaders on campus), I am a peer mentor for criminal justice first year students and lastly, I am and will always be a part of Colleges against Cancer. Each one of these organizations helps me personally gain knowledge and skills for my future goals and careers. I plan on graduating next may (being one of the few who graduate in 4 years flat). After, my plan is to travel to Israel for a few years and come back to attend Law School. My future goal is to do exactly what I did at my internship, become a prosecutor for child abuse cases. 



This year is a change for me. I am not on e-board for Colleges against Cancer but am taking part in helping with the survivorship and promotions committee. Also, instead of relaying with my old team, I have started a new one with a group of friends. I have set a high goal to fundraise this year and I plan on reaching it. I have so much passion and dedication for this cause that I will work until I beat this goal. My passion comes from my mom. When she heard the words "you have cancer" she did not stop fighting. She always called my family her army. Well, I personally believe that each one of us is a solider in a giant army fighting this awful disease. We need to come together to FIGHT. Come together to cherish the memories of loved ones and the ones still fighting. Come together to raise money to find a cure. Come together to BEAT this battle. Can you help me do this? 



If you would, I am seeking donations to help raise money to reach my personal goal and I am looking for help from friends and family members just like you. Any dollar donation will be accepted because any and all support is more than appreciated. Any checks should be made out to The American Cancer Society and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. 


If you would like to mail a donation here is the address:


Mimi Marcus

7400 Bay Rd.

UV 444-3

University Center, MI 48710


If you do not wish to donate but want to participate in the event, you can sign up on this same webpage by clicking the event on the top of the page! Also, if you could send this page to friends and family of yours to gain more knowledge about this event that would be wonderful!


PS: If you want to join my personal team, do so at the top of the page! 


Thank you, I love you all, 

Mimi Marcus


PS: I love you mom 

Cheer me on!

Thank you to my supporters!

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