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We’ve raised $38,659.62
Our Goal $10,000.00
#5 out of 1,808 teams

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Central Park

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TAO Group

Why We Support
American Cancer Society by Making Strides

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Thank You Donors

  1. From Amount
Top Donors
  1. 2 Gala$50
  2. A O'Connor$105.50
  3. Abe D Naparstek$100
  4. Adam and Kim$100
  5. Adam and Marissa Kaufman 
  6. Adam Barber$105.50
  7. Adam Greene$250
  8. Albertine DiPierri$158.25
  9. Alexis Block$52.75
  10. Allison Ascher$100
  11. Amanda Hugginkiss$52.75
  12. Amir Rozwadowski$211
  13. Andrea Eaton$100
  14. Andrea McAuliffe$52.75
  15. Andrew Echeverria$52.75
  16. Angela Elgarten 
  17. Anita Ambrosio$52.75
  18. Anita Wallak$105.50
  19. Anonymous$263.75
  20. Anonymous 
  21. Anonymous 
  22. Anonymous 
  23. Anthony Salerno$150
  24. Ashkey Laurie$100
  25. Aunt Randi & Uncle Gary$100
  26. Barry Witowski$52.75
  27. Bart Schoudel$75
  28. Benjamin Challenge Bonus$1,300
  29. Bernard Ascher$211
  30. Beth Leidner$100
  31. Bigmans $200
  32. Blair Liberman 
  33. Brandon Schops$52.75
  34. Brian Doherty$105.50
  35. Brian Jeanettes$105.50
  36. Brooke Allsbrook$105.50
  37. Brooke Marzo$52.75
  38. Carolyn Worth$50
  39. Carrie and Ted Schwartz 
  40. Casey Burwell$100
  41. Catherine Taormina$52.75
  42. Cathy Witowski$100
  43. Cathy, JT, Gold & Pawn FIGHT!$52.75
  44. Christopher Clayton$400
  45. Christopher Leahy$100
  46. Christopher Papatsos$100
  47. Cliff and Gail Bassett$52.75
  48. Colette Rodriguez$52.75
  49. Constance Turner$100
  50. Courtney Mayo$52.75
  51. Crystal, Kurt, and Drew Szegeski$52.75
  52. Dale Zuckerman$200
  53. Dana Jurik$52.75
  54. Daniel Oxenkrug$100
  55. Darren Gange$105.50
  56. David Rothenhaus$100
  57. Dempster Family$100
  58. Denise Begis$50
  59. Denise Tennenbaum$100
  60. Dennis Roitman$50
  61. Devra Jacobs$52.75
  62. Dina Sjulsen$52.75
  63. Dr. heather symons$211
  64. Edward Laurie$263.75
  65. Elaine Breuer$105.50
  66. Elana Kornreich$100
  67. Elissa Halperin$50
  68. Elle Balabanis$52.75
  69. Ellen Newman$50
  70. Erica Tennenbaum 
  71. Erik Lindholm$105.50
  72. Erin and Jason Cohen 
  73. Erin Walsh$52.75
  74. Erin Zuckerman$52.75
  75. Eugenie Fanning$52.75
  76. Facebook Fundraiser$250
  77. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  78. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  79. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  80. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  81. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  82. Facebook Fundraiser$90
  83. Facebook Fundraiser$70
  84. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  85. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  86. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  87. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  88. Fireman Rob$100
  89. Forest City$5,000
  90. Gayle Rozan$263.75
  91. Genie Gapud$52.75
  92. Gerard Casey$52.75
  93. Geri Foley$52.75
  94. Heather Apfel$105.50
  95. Helen Friedman$50
  96. Helen Tennenbaum$100
  97. Holly Foster$100
  98. Irva Badami$105.50
  99. Jaclyn Marino$52.75
  100. Jacqueline Kelian$105.50
  101. Jaime Fernand 
  102. Jaime Norton$79.13
  103. Jaime Zimmerman 
  104. Jamie Giardino 
  105. Jana Friedman$100
  106. Jared Carmel$198
  107. Jay and Elyse$100
  108. Jeanette Freed$52.75
  109. Jeanne & Fred Mutzek$52.75
  110. Jennifer Gams$52.75
  111. Jennifer Lawrence$52.75
  112. Jennifer Lynn Slade$105.50
  113. Jennifer Spring$105.50
  114. Jeremy Woods$52.75
  115. Jessica Fischetti$100
  116. Jessica L Press$211
  117. Jessica Serva$105.50
  118. Jillyan Stambleck$50
  119. Joel Ancowitz$105.50
  120. John Hunt$105.50
  121. Jon Ilani$100
  122. Joni Foley$100
  123. Joseph Torres$52.75
  124. Julia Taxin$105.50
  125. Julie Kanfer$52.75
  126. Julie Woo$52.75
  127. Justa DePasquale$527.50
  128. Justin Pelsinger$50
  129. Kaitlin S Page$52.75
  130. Katherine Krentz$100
  131. Kelly & Jason Winokur$105.50
  132. Kelly Maschok$105.50
  133. Kelly Ritz Forbell$52.75
  134. Kevin Rodin$84.40
  135. Kiera and Chris$200
  136. Kim Rittberg 
  137. KP$52.75
  138. Kristen Bianco$52.75
  139. Kristin Jones$250
  140. Kristine Eisenpreser$105.50
  141. Larissa Kopytoff$52.75
  142. Laura Fox$52.75
  143. Laura Shapiro$100
  144. Lauren Beinert$100
  145. Lauren M Sackstein$50
  146. Laurie Lefcort 
  147. Laurie Zuckerman$100
  148. Leticia Porter$52.75
  149. Lillian Rothenhaus$52.75
  150. Linda SInger$105.50
  151. Lindsay Pattinger$52.75
  152. Lindsey Herman 
  153. Lisa Romani$52.75
  154. Livia Corredor$211
  155. Lori and Rob Maccarrone$100
  156. Lori Currier-Woods$52.75
  157. Lori Levy$52.75
  158. Louise Weil 
  159. Lynn McColl$52.75
  160. Margie Guzzetti$100
  161. Marious Sjulsen$100
  162. Mark Donovan$52.75
  163. Mark Peabody$100
  164. Marleen Maccone$105.50
  165. Martha M Levine$105.50
  166. Matt & Debra Minoff$52.75
  167. Matthew Dicker$211
  168. Melanie Fox$52.75
  169. Melissa Doublet$52.75
  170. Melissa I Doberstein$56.97
  171. Meredith L Sales$100
  172. Meredith Ziemba$50
  173. Michael Abdo$75
  174. Michael Hauptman$54
  175. Michal Lemze$84.40
  176. Michele K Savel$84.40
  177. Michelle Anderson$50
  178. Michelle Clark$105.50
  179. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Klein$360
  180. Mr. Jonathan Goldman$52.75
  181. Mr. Robert B Woods$100
  182. Mr. Sal Grasso$105.50
  183. Mrs. Jaclyn F Gollinger$100
  184. Mrs. Patricia Buettner$105.50
  185. Mrs. Robyn Weiss$52.75
  186. Mrs. Rosemary Borris E. Borris$52.75
  187. Mrs. Tina Maher 
  188. Mrs. Vera Zacek$105.50
  189. Ms. Alicia Reinhardt$52.75
  190. Ms. Erica J Lerner$52.75
  191. Ms. Jaclyn Gelenter 
  192. Ms. Jessica Weiss$52.75
  193. Ms. Lisamarie A Maringione$52.75
  194. Ms. Marla Siegel$52.75
  195. Ms. Rachel Felenstein 
  196. Ms. Robin Leventhal$52.75
  197. Ms. Virginia Jordan$52.75
  198. Nancy Liptak$105.50
  199. Nancy Neimann$50
  200. Nancy Rife$105.50
  201. Nicole Thomas$100
  202. Nicole Towbin$100
  203. Noreen DeSalvo$105.50
  204. Paul Bernstein$52.75
  205. Pauline Pollatos$52.75
  206. Peter Ruffini$100
  207. Rachel Byrne$52.75
  208. Rachel Perks$105.50
  209. Randi Schwartz$52.75
  210. Raweya Shapiro$100
  211. Rebecca Rowan$527.50
  212. Renee Bloomberg$52.75
  213. Richard Diaz$52.75
  214. Robert Brown$100
  215. Robert Phillips$75
  216. Robin Zuckerman$256.37
  217. Robin Zuckerman$200
  218. Robin Zuckerman$52.75
  219. Robin&Bob Siegel$52.75
  220. Ronda Fischer$100
  221. Roni Chris Beni and Kovi$52.75
  222. Roni Keskinyan$52.75
  223. Ronni Verebay$52.75
  224. Ross Pattershall$293.50
  225. Ryan Kotchek$100
  226. Samantha B Saturn$50
  227. Sara Fahrenholz$52.75
  228. Sarah Brakstad$100
  229. Sarah Brakstad$100
  230. Scott & Stacy Agulnick$100
  231. Shawn Chichester$100
  232. Sheryl Millman$50
  233. Stephanie Arcabascio$52.75
  234. Susan Gellert$120
  235. Suzanne Gottlieb$54
  236. Tatiana Bogdan$52.75
  237. Tatiana Glickstein$50
  238. The Berman Family 
  239. The Bull Family$263.75
  240. The Burwell Family$100
  241. The Distlers 
  242. The Krisbergs 
  243. The O'Leary's$100
  244. The Parkes Family$100
  245. The Topche Family 
  246. Tiffany Belling 
  247. Trent Wortham$52.75
  248. Valerie Haskins$52.75
  249. Wendy Spitaliere$52.75
  250. Zena Harawitz$105.50
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How You're Helping
Save Lives From Breast Cancer

Thanks to the support of so many, the American Cancer Society is there for everyone in every community touched by breast cancer. Including those who are currently dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, those who may face diagnosis in the future, and those who may avoid a diagnosis altogether thanks to education and risk reduction.

invested in breast
cancer grants

$ 74 million

patient service
requests fulfilled

75 thousand

one-to-one support
services provided to
breast cancer patients

11 thousand

Shop at the Pink Shop

Purchase your outfit for your walk day and help raise money for Making Strides events around the country. Pink Shop proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

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Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for one person.
Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for two people.
Could help provide 8 rides to and from treatment for a breast cancer patient with our Road to Recovery® program.
Could offer a cancer patient and their caregiver one night of free lodging at a Hope Lodge® location.
Any donation amount helps save lives from breast cancer.

Welcome to our Team Page. We've formed a team because this cause is important to us. We want to help. And walking and raising money in our local American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event is the best way we can do that. We all have different reasons for participating but we share a determination to help save lives from breast cancer.

There are so many ways that the money our team raises helps. It’s helping fund innovative research. It's providing free information for people dealing with the disease. It’s providing rides to treatment and places to stay for people who have to seek treatment far from home. In short, our money is helping save lives. Consider donating to our team and helping advance the cause.

How We Support the American Cancer Society

Of course we walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. And we solicit donations from family, friends, and other supporters. But we also schedule fundraisers in lead-up to the big event. Bake-sales, car washes, and countless other types of events. And we promote those on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, by word of mouth, and through flyers at work and around the neighborhood. The success of fundraising events depends on two things - hard work and getting the word out. And we're out to do both. Keep an eye out for our fundraising events.

Join us. Donate today. Or walk with us.

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