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Steve Madden

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We’ve raised $59,075.11
Our Goal $25,000.00
#4 out of 1,808 teams

Our Event

Central Park

Why We Support
American Cancer Society by Making Strides

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Thank You Donors

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Top Donors
  1. Steven Madden Ltd$9,600
  2. Alice Jung$40
  3. Allen Burry$100
  4. Amal Kaluarachchige$200
  5. Amin Ruhel$200
  6. Amish Shah$25
  7. Anastasiia Kasatkina$65
  8. Andromahi Katechis$211
  9. Angie Rafferty$105.50
  10. Anna Marie Rantinella$35
  11. Anonymous$158.25
  12. Anonymous$100
  13. Anonymous$100
  14. Anonymous$100
  15. Anonymous 
  16. Anonymous$35
  17. Anonymous$35
  18. Antoinette Alongi$80
  19. Antoinette Devecchis$36.93
  20. Aphrodite Pissias$125
  21. Arvind Dharia$500
  22. Arvind Dharia$100
  23. Ashley Law$70
  24. Bailey McDonald$70
  25. Barbara Taylor$110
  26. Barbara Westvig$36.93
  27. Bella Lombeida$80
  28. Benjamin Challenge Bonus$200
  29. Bibi Bipath$50
  30. Big Forehead Gang 
  31. Brooke Gigliotti$35
  32. Bruce Green$52.75
  33. Candy Sebreth$50
  34. Carl Gambino$527.50
  35. Carol Campbell$100
  36. Caroline Sorbara$100
  37. Carrie Sorbara$52.75
  38. Catherine Northrop$35
  39. Cenceria Edwards$100
  40. Chandanie Manwah$110
  41. Chantelle Wright$200
  42. Christie Comunale$100
  43. Cindy Jimenez$147.70
  44. Danielle McCoy$100
  45. Dara Merlis$52.75
  46. Darnell Sutton$55
  47. Darwin Chen$50
  48. Debbie Donohue$200
  49. Debra Capuano$75
  50. Debra Rhoades$100
  51. Deidra Neunzig$80
  52. Donation Gift$550
  53. Donna Boss$100
  54. Donna L Quarant$35
  55. Eddie O. 
  56. Eistaquio Sanchez$80
  57. Elaine Hogan$50
  58. Elena Armstrong$50
  59. Elena Armstrong$35
  60. Emaje Mode Inc$100
  61. Evan Benjamin 
  62. Facebook Fundraiser$500
  63. Facebook Fundraiser$250
  64. Facebook Fundraiser$135
  65. Facebook Fundraiser$130
  66. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  67. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  68. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  69. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  70. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  71. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  72. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  73. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  74. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  75. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  76. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  77. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  78. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  79. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  80. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  81. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  82. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  83. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  84. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  85. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  86. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  87. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  88. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  89. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  90. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  91. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  92. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  93. Facebook Fundraiser$45
  94. Facebook Fundraiser$36
  95. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  96. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  97. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  98. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  99. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  100. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  101. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  102. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  103. Flavia Chin$135
  104. Fogarty George$100
  105. Freddie Bazile-Williams$125
  106. Fredy J Velez$100
  107. Gandaye Sebreth$50
  108. Gandaye Sebreth$30
  109. Gary Gardiner$26.38
  110. Gary Norman$100
  111. Gerard Bonomi$300
  112. Giuseppe DiBartolomeo$500
  113. Gloria Diaz$35
  114. Gloria Ramos$175
  115. Hana Park$180
  116. Hanah Sanasie$70
  117. Hardik Shah$180
  118. Hillary Berliner$260
  119. Iynne Sanders$65
  120. Jaime Levy$210
  121. Jake Frank$52.75
  122. James Taylor$90
  123. Jamil Hara$260
  124. Jason Rosado$50
  125. Jatin Dharia$310
  126. Jeanne Fell$55
  127. Jeannette Sierra$70
  128. Jeff Powers$50
  129. Jill Balinski$45
  130. Jill Green$100
  131. Jim Taylor$200
  132. Joan B Delaney$1,000
  133. Joanna Canaras$650
  134. Joe M Rosado Sr.$25
  135. John McNally$500
  136. Joyce Arcieri$60
  137. Julianne Marra 
  138. Kathy Hin 
  139. Katrina Ramirez$36.93
  140. Katriona Frake$25
  141. KB$500
  142. Keegan Carroll$105
  143. Kerriann Short$25
  144. Kimberly Morales$75
  145. LaTasha Winslow$125
  146. Leslie Piranti$52.75
  147. Lilyann Fabiitti$115
  148. Linda Finkelstein$40
  149. Lois Ann Ratel$100
  150. Lysa Berkowitz$100
  151. Margaret C.$50
  152. Margarita Moran$220
  153. Mary O'Dowd$527.50
  154. Matt Guthartz$250
  155. Matthew Ellenberger$100
  156. Mel Twersky$205.50
  157. Melissa Ferrer$35
  158. Michael DiSunno$170
  159. Michael S Willhite$100
  160. Mike Lomenzo$65
  161. Mike Lomenzo$35
  162. Milton DeRienzo$500
  163. Mr. Anthony Bowman 
  164. Mr. Anthony L Verrilli$35
  165. Mr. Edward R Rosenfeld$500
  166. Mr. Gregory Goldstein$100
  167. Mr. Jeffrey J Schwartz$100
  168. Mr. Joseph J Masella$500
  169. Mr. Nicholas Vitanza$200
  170. Mr. Samuel Brown$100
  171. Mrs. Peggy Bardes$36.93
  172. Mrs. Tasha A Anthony$100
  173. Mrs. Yvette Kohn$105.50
  174. Ms. Elani L Myers$140
  175. Ms. Lauren Daly$35
  176. Ms. Lynn R Madden$105.50
  177. Ms. Lynn R Madden$50
  178. Ms. Sandi Leventhal$25
  179. Ms. trudy a bromberg$52.75
  180. Nalini Somra 
  181. Narcisa Merjudio$200
  182. Narcisa Merjudio$125
  183. Nirman Realty LLC$200
  184. Nitin C Parikh$527.50
  185. No Name No Name$100
  186. Orion Mike Maturo$500
  187. Pamela Dederer$200
  188. Parth Dharia$125
  189. Patricia Robins$100
  190. Patrick Chen$75
  191. Paul Auersperg$263.75
  192. Paul F Rosengard$180
  193. Paul Petrov$50
  194. Paula Kent$50
  195. Peter Chang$190
  196. Phil Pine$200
  197. Porfirio Benitez$30
  198. Rachae Robb$35
  199. Rajendra Persaud$50
  200. Rajenie Somra$35
  201. Ray Pipher$100
  202. Richard Zech$211
  203. Rita Megally$50
  204. Rosemary Russo$35
  205. Ryan Sankar$68.58
  206. Samantha Dinneen$70
  207. Samantha Muzzy$52.75
  208. Sara Buonsanto Mejia$27
  209. Seth Fenster 
  210. Shaela Murtaza$40
  211. Sheryl Klarmann$36
  212. Shivani Rametra$130
  213. Sloan Tichner$200
  214. So Proud! Love, Gavin, Abigail & Liam$100
  215. Sofiya Belot$140
  216. Stephanie Diaz$100
  217. STEVE MADDEN$2,500
  218. Steve Madden$2,200
  219. Steve Madden$1,500
  220. Steven Blanco$25
  221. Steven Madden LTD$2,500
  222. Steven Madden, Ltd$2,500
  223. Steven Madden, Ltd.$5,000
  224. Steven Weinfeld$100
  225. Stuart Shapiro$100
  226. Stuart Werner 
  227. Stuart Werner$50
  228. Sunita Melaram$40
  229. Susan Gebhardt$50
  230. Susan Gebhardt$50
  231. Susan Grodzki$52.75
  232. Suzanna Niles$73
  233. Taraleslie Hernandez$80
  234. Teresa Cashel$100
  235. Teressa Mitchell$130
  236. The Michello O'Neill Foundataion$1,000
  237. Tiffani Jones$205
  238. Tim Corcoran$50
  239. Toni Demay$65
  240. Tony D$50
  241. Valerie Pournazari$60
  242. Victoria Lem$115
  243. Vikki L Lujano$150
  244. Vikki Lujano$2,100
  245. Wendy Gerber$30
  246. Wendy Steinberg$250
  247. Xanthoula Catehis$105.50
  248. Young Suk Kim$70
  249. YoungSuk Kim$52.75
  250. Ziomara Velez$50
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How You're Helping
Save Lives From Breast Cancer

Thanks to the support of so many, the American Cancer Society is there for everyone in every community touched by breast cancer. Including those who are currently dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, those who may face diagnosis in the future, and those who may avoid a diagnosis altogether thanks to education and risk reduction.

invested in breast
cancer grants

$ 74 million

patient service
requests fulfilled

75 thousand

one-to-one support
services provided to
breast cancer patients

11 thousand

Shop at the Pink Shop

Purchase your outfit for your walk day and help raise money for Making Strides events around the country. Pink Shop proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

Shop Strides Gear
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Your team name last year.
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Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for one person.
Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for two people.
Could help provide 8 rides to and from treatment for a breast cancer patient with our Road to Recovery® program.
Could offer a cancer patient and their caregiver one night of free lodging at a Hope Lodge® location.
Any donation amount helps save lives from breast cancer.

Welcome to our Team Page. We've formed a team because this cause is important to us. We want to help. And walking and raising money in our local American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event is the best way we can do that. We all have different reasons for participating but we share a determination to help save lives from breast cancer.

There are so many ways that the money our team raises helps. It’s helping fund innovative research. It's providing free information for people dealing with the disease. It’s providing rides to treatment and places to stay for people who have to seek treatment far from home. In short, our money is helping save lives. Consider donating to our team and helping advance the cause.

How We Support the American Cancer Society

Of course we walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. And we solicit donations from family, friends, and other supporters. But we also schedule fundraisers in lead-up to the big event. Bake-sales, car washes, and countless other types of events. And we promote those on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, by word of mouth, and through flyers at work and around the neighborhood. The success of fundraising events depends on two things - hard work and getting the word out. And we're out to do both. Keep an eye out for our fundraising events.

Join us. Donate today. Or walk with us.

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