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We’ve raised $21,388.69
Our Goal $1,000.00
#1 out of 479 teams

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American Cancer Society by Making Strides

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  1. Aleneitha Crews$20
  2. Ami Ackerman$100
  3. Amy Calnan$21.10
  4. Angela Menkhaus$36.93
  5. Anonymous$385
  6. Anonymous$105.50
  7. Anonymous$100
  8. Anonymous$50
  9. Anonymous$50
  10. Anonymous$42.20
  11. Anonymous$25
  12. Anonymous$25
  13. Anonymous$25
  14. Anonymous$25
  15. Anonymous$19
  16. Anonymous 
  17. Anonymous 
  18. Arica Ratliff$25
  19. Beth Kolodziejczak$10.55
  20. Blaine Wainscott$100
  21. Bob Woelfel$100
  22. Candra Lape$50
  23. Cassidy Rooney$10
  24. Christina Baczyk$100
  25. Christina Lorton$5
  26. Christine Kowalczyk$105.50
  27. Dan Dusa$15
  28. David Spradlin$50
  29. DeAnn Harmon$50
  30. Deanna Sellers$310
  31. Deanna Sellers$25
  32. Debbie Schmidt$40
  33. Delia Fleming$25
  34. Desiree Willis$25
  35. Donna Allridge$10
  36. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  37. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  38. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  39. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  40. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  41. Facebook Fundraiser$90
  42. Facebook Fundraiser$60
  43. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  44. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  45. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  46. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  47. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  48. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  49. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  50. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  51. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  52. Facebook Fundraiser$40
  53. Facebook Fundraiser$40
  54. Facebook Fundraiser$35
  55. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  56. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  57. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  58. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  59. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  60. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  61. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  62. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  63. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  64. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  65. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  66. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  67. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  68. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  69. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  70. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  71. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  72. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  73. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  74. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  75. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  76. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  77. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  78. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  79. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  80. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  81. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  82. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  83. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  84. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  85. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  86. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  87. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  88. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  89. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  90. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  91. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  92. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  93. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  94. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  95. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  96. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  97. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  98. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  99. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  100. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  101. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  102. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  103. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  104. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  105. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  106. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  107. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  108. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  109. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  110. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  111. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  112. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  113. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  114. Facebook Fundraiser$15
  115. Facebook Fundraiser$11
  116. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  117. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  118. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  119. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  120. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  121. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  122. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  123. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  124. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  125. Facebook Fundraiser$8
  126. Facebook Fundraiser$5
  127. Facebook Fundraiser$5
  128. Facebook Fundraiser$5
  129. Facebook Fundraiser$5
  130. Facebook Fundraiser$5
  131. Frank Burnett-Alleyne 
  132. Holly Sebastian$25
  133. Jackie Cunningham$500
  134. Jackie Cunningham$340
  135. Jane Heinrich$26.38
  136. Jeanna Heater$100
  137. Jennifer Bernard$30
  138. Kristy Woelfel Lanier$35
  139. Laura Haines$50
  140. Laura Haines$23
  141. Linda Swank$21.10
  142. Malika Davidson$20
  143. Meghan Marcelis$10
  144. Michelle Combs$25
  145. Mike Haines$52.75
  146. Millie Viloria-ratway$18
  147. Molly Hug$10
  148. Mr. Michael Barr$20
  149. Ms. Susan J Keith-Hergert$10
  150. Natasha Lightner$50
  151. Nicole Lamirand$100
  152. Nicole Lamirand$35
  153. Patricia Benka$35
  154. Randy Parrett$10
  155. Rhonda Brewster-Ross$166.93
  156. Rhonda Brewster-Ross$50
  157. Roxanne Scudder 
  158. Roxanne Scudder$10
  159. Sandra and Rich DiMarino$105.50
  160. Shanda Williams$25
  161. Springdale Facility$6,902.38
  162. Springdale Facility $100
  163. Susan Fischer$50
  164. Tammy Bacon$200
  165. Tari Tripp$100
  166. Team Avon Cincinnati$5,112.63
  167. Team Avon Cincinnati 
  168. Team Avon Cincinnati$861.50
  169. Terri Plear$26.38
  170. Thomas Calnan$40.09
  171. Tom Jackson$50
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How You're Helping
Save Lives From Breast Cancer

Thanks to the support of so many, the American Cancer Society is there for everyone in every community touched by breast cancer. Including those who are currently dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis, those who may face diagnosis in the future, and those who may avoid a diagnosis altogether thanks to education and risk reduction.

invested in breast
cancer grants

$ 74 million

patient service
requests fulfilled

75 thousand

one-to-one support
services provided to
breast cancer patients

11 thousand

Shop at the Pink Shop

Purchase your outfit for your walk day and help raise money for Making Strides events around the country. Pink Shop proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

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Your team name last year.
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Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for one person.
Could help provide free access to 24-hour information and support via phone, email, and online chats for two people.
Could help provide 8 rides to and from treatment for a breast cancer patient with our Road to Recovery® program.
Could offer a cancer patient and their caregiver one night of free lodging at a Hope Lodge® location.
Any donation amount helps save lives from breast cancer.

Welcome to our Team Page. We've formed a team because this cause is important to us. We want to help. And walking and raising money in our local American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event is the best way we can do that. We all have different reasons for participating but we share a determination to help save lives from breast cancer.

There are so many ways that the money our team raises helps. It’s helping fund innovative research. It's providing free information for people dealing with the disease. It’s providing rides to treatment and places to stay for people who have to seek treatment far from home. In short, our money is helping save lives. Consider donating to our team and helping advance the cause.

How We Support the American Cancer Society

Of course we walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. And we solicit donations from family, friends, and other supporters. But we also schedule fundraisers in lead-up to the big event. Bake-sales, car washes, and countless other types of events. And we promote those on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, by word of mouth, and through flyers at work and around the neighborhood. The success of fundraising events depends on two things - hard work and getting the word out. And we're out to do both. Keep an eye out for our fundraising events.

Join us. Donate today. Or walk with us.

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