Making Strides of Central Park

Gabriela V. Legaspi

Why I am Making Strides

On June 8, 2012, I watched my mom lose her battle to breast cancer. My mom, Gabriela, had been diagnosed a little less than a year before. In these months, I saw her undergo excruciating cancer treatments without success. I watched as she fought courageously and gracefully. In that year, she remained the dedicated, driven, and caring mom she had always been. I’d tell her every detail of my school day knowing it would be welcomed by a smile. She spent the same endless hours helping me with my homework, she attended every one of my ballet recitals, and she held me as I cried to her about her own, debilitating condition. When she first learned about her diagnosis, my family received an outpour of support. I heard continuous stories of success and survival; I began to believe, and hope for, the assumption that breast cancer is curable. But there is no cure, and every day, other kids like me continue to lose their mothers to this horrible disease.

When I lost my mom, my life was changed permanently. At the young age of twelve, suddenly, nothing made sense. The woman who loved me unconditionally, who took care of me, and who taught me everything I knew, was suddenly gone. As I enter my last year of high school and contemplate about my experiences, I see my mother in every one of them. If it were not for my mother, I would not be the woman I am today. My mother taught me to have confidence in myself and believe that I can be the best possible version of myself. She taught me to embrace my mexican identity and speak up for the many voices that aren’t heard. She may no longer be physically present, but her spirit guides me everyday. I have spent the last six years putting together the pieces of my life that were shattered by her loss. In part of this process, I have spent time trying to figure out how I can continue the legacy of my mother - how I can honor her and continue to spread the love and compassion that she gave me every day.

Here, American Cancer Society has taken on an enormous role. My sister began fundraising in 2011 while my mom was undergoing chemotherapy. She was not able to attend the walk, but we walked proudly on her behalf in bright pink. We raised over $4,000 and I couldn’t believe what we had accomplished. The next year, she raised $46,000, and I never imagined I could raise an amount close to that number. My siblings and I have spent the last five years raising money; in these last five years, we have raised over $275,000. We will never get our mom back, but we can save others from having to experience what we have experienced. By sharing my story, I’ve received an indescribable amount of support. This walk has been a part of my life for the past five years, a moment of true happiness and joy that I look forward to and am able to share annually with friends and family. Every year at Spence, we dedicate all of October to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. We plan bake sales, tag days and coin wars, all to increase fundraising as much as we possibly can. This is my last year fundraising before I go to college, and I hope to make it bigger than it has ever been. I may not get my mom back, but I most certainly will make her proud. And so, I walk to Make Strides Against Breast Cancer. I walk because as a kid, I had to watch the woman I loved most in the world lose her battle to breast cancer. I walk because, despite the support of my wonderful friends and family, I grew up without a mom. I walk because I still think "what if…"

I walk in honor of my mother, with the knowledge that every dollar I raise will impact somebody's life. I walk because I know that my friends, my family, and every single person who has supported the Making Strides campaign is making a difference. I believe that one day breast cancer will never steal another year from anyone's life, it will never steal another mother, daughter, or sister. Making Strides is not only an opportunity to fight back, but to carry on the legacy that my mom left behind; to remember Gabriela Legaspi and all of the love that she brought to my life. It is a way to ensure that there will be more birthdays, there will be more survival stories, and above all, there will be hope. That’s why I am walking.

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