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Dee's Team 2013

Hi, we're Double Dee's

Event: Making Strides of Canton, OH on Sunday, October 26, 2014


$1,675 raised $5,000 goal

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Double Dee's Raised
Making Strides Donor Monica Brewer $210
Scoti Garbidis $1,000
Melissa Gibson $0
Victoria Hess $0
Emily Hicks $0
Making Strides Donor Melissa Hoffner $25
Angela Holmes $0
Amy Leatherman $0
Larry Salasek $0
Making Strides Donor Lisa Salasek $125
Making Strides Donor Terry Salasek $25
Making Strides Donor Patti Salasek-Long $105
Making Strides Donor Colleen Shawk $50
Kelli Williams $0
Team Gifts $135
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Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Amanda Z Chancey 
  2. Andi Dwyer 
  3. Because Scoti. 
  4. Colleen Shawk$50
  5. DJ 
  6. Erin Miller 
  7. GopherBoy 
  8. Jason Boice$25
  9. Jessica Gibson 
  10. Julie Sablar 
  11. Karlyn McPike 
  12. KidofOptimus1971 and Optimus1971 
  13. Lily Williams$60
  14. Melissa Hoffner$25
  15. Moonwillow92 
  16. Mrs. Monica Brewer 
  17. Mrs. Scoti$50
  18. Ms. Amanda M McNichol 
  19. Ms. Lisa M Salasek$50
  20. Nathan Pelton 
  21. PaisleyP 
  22. Patricia Grzetich 
  23. Patti A. Salasek-Long 
  24. Pizza_Pizza_Pie 
  25. Roger$75
  26. Roger Schuckert 
  27. Tangle Zest 
  28. Technascribe 
  29. Terry M. Salasek$25
  30. Tony and Barb Sablar 
  31. Virii333$50

Why We are Making Strides

Welcome to our Team Page! Almost everyone has been touched by breast cancer in some way, so we've decided to make a difference by walking and raising money in our local American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event.

Today 1 of every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer reaches out to the American Cancer Society for help and support. The donations our team raises will enable investment in groundbreaking breast cancer research, free information and services for women diagnosed with the disease, and access to mammograms for women who need them. Our donations will help more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors celebrate another birthday this year!

Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Saving lives from breast cancer starts one team, one walker, and one dollar at a time. We know that the American Cancer Society is the leader in the fight to end breast cancer. We know that supporting them will ensure that if you need someone to talk to anytime of the day or night, they’ll be there. If your friend is losing her hair from chemo, your mother needs a ride to treatment, or a loved one needs a place to stay when treatment is far from home, they will be there to help.

Join us and together we will walk for a world without breast cancer.

Cheer us on!

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