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Advocacy (ACS CAN)


Today, nearly 70% of all Americans live in a smoke-free community.
- But millions are still forced to work in smoke-filled workplaces.

Today, advances in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and care mean that we are winning the war on cancer.
- But Congress has frozen or cut funding for cancer research and programs for the past five years.

Today, women have better access to mammograms.
- But millions of women, men, and children are uninsured and millions more are underinsured, with little or no access to lifesaving screenings and treatments.

What is the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN)?

ACS CAN is the nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society. As the nation’s leading cancer advocacy organization, ACS CAN is working every day to make cancer issues a national priority.

Many of the most important decisions about cancer are made outside of your doctor’s office. Instead, they are made by your state legislature, in Congress, and in the White House. ACS CAN empowers regular people to be part of the growing national movement that is fighting back against cancer.

ACS CAN is holding lawmakers accountable for their words and their actions. We demand that our leaders not only talk about fighting cancer but also take real steps toward decreasing the number of people suffering and dying from cancer.

ACS CAN Volunteers Are Winning

ACS CAN campaigns led by volunteers and staff across the nation have:

  • Led to 35 states as well as Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico to go smoke-free
  • Stopped legislation that would have eliminated guaranteed insurance coverage of mammograms
  • Passed state laws and referendums that are proven to help prevent children from starting or continuing to smoke
  • Launched a nationwide access to care initiative
For more information, visit the ACS CAN site!