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Defines more than 100 related diseases characterized by uncontrolled cellular growth and spread of abnormal cells. If not controlled or treated, it can result in loss of life. Cancer causes approximately one-fourth of all deaths in the United States.


French term defining the highest level of women's fashion; unique one-of-a-kind designs that are available only in high-end boutiques; normally affordable exclusively to the very wealthy.

Couture For Cancer:
A unique women's event combining compassion with fashion. It is a joint effort between the American cancer Society, local retailers, and national and world fashion designers to provide an opportunity for businesses to fight one of the most dreaded diseases of our time. By sponsoring or being involved in the 12th Annual Couture for Cancer, you will not only directly influence the lives of people and their families currently battling cancer, you will also be impacting future generations. Couture for cancer is a unique opportunity to make a statement and stand against cancer.