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Thank you to all of our distinguished volunteers who serve on the American Cancer Society's Celebration of Life Fashion Show Committee. Their tireless work was instrumental to ensuring this event’s continued success.

2017 Committee

Anita Artstein-Dunsay Karen Fanoe Dena Jenkinson-Sala  Claudia Otero
Nikki Caprara Jackie Gash Shirley Lavorato Marilyn Rover
Sheri Cline Bianca Giuriato Linda Micheletti Karina Rusk
Mona Eisenberg Maria Giuriato Catherine O’Brien Mary Alice Victorino
Mary Lou Emmert

2017 Subcommittee

Bette Ranagan FisherJoyce HortonJan MillerJanet Ostarello

Interested in joining our committee? Become a member of our committeetoday by contacting Nancy Valdez at 831.772.6524 or

2014 Celebration of Life Committe Page