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A special thank you to both of our dedicated committees

Vintage Affair Committee

2018 Chair

Jessica Delaney & Amy Kennemer


Logistics Chair

Tripp Atkins


Mystery Wine Chair

Khaki Bender


Mission Chair

Porsche Blount


Volunteer Chair

Kori Crawley


Logistics Co Chair

Katie Crow


BOA Chair

Kimberly Etherton Jr.


Entertainment Chair

Alice Frost


Art Committee

Charlotte Smith


Committee Member

Blair Gewin


Social Media Chair

Lang Hamilton


PR Chair

Stacy Killingsworth


Committee Member

Robin    Little


Art Co Chair

Caroline Mathews


Auction Chair

Adelaide McAleer


Social Media Chair

Anna McClure


Art Chair

Christy  Reid


Linens/Decor Co Chair

Sara  Rogers


Decor Chair

Celeste Thomas


Grand Patron Committee

Kimi Oaks