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Grand Patrons' Dinner : Thursday, September 13th 2018


The Grand Patrons’ Dinner is certainly THE culinary event in Mobile. This year, it will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 13th 2018, at the Country Club of Mobile.

The American Cancer Society would like to thank our generous sponsors, Mr. Herbert A. Meisler and Mr. & Mrs. Ben Meisler, for their continued support of the dinner.


This year, Grand Patrons committee members will be selecting extraordinary wines to be paired with the creative cuisine prepared by the Country Club of Mobile.

For your contribution of $1250 per couple as a Grand Patron, you will receive two (2) tickets to the exclusive Grand Patrons’ Dinner, two (2) tickets to Vintage Affair, program and invitation acknowledgement, and the satisfaction of knowing that YOU are making a difference in this important fight.

We all have far too many reasons to support the American Cancer Society. Join in the effort to provide “hope, progress, answers” for a disease that touches each one of us. To become a Grand Patron, please contact the American Cancer Society at 251.344.9858.

Thank you to this year’s Grand Patron’s

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Atchison

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kennedy

Drs. Dean Batten

Mr. and Mrs. Don Kennemer

Drs. Lawrence Bedsole

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kennemer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Dyas, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Kennemer 

Mr. Bibb Lamar 

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Arendall

Ms. Nan Lauten 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Meader

Mr. and Mrs. Drayton Arendall 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Noblet 

Mr. and Mrs. Maury Lomax

Dr. and Mrs. W. Allen Oaks 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Melia

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Salisbury

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Quina

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Stefan

Mr. and Mrs. T. Lee Robinson

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Bowden

Dr. and Mrs. John Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Herman

Dr. and Mrs. Rollins L. Tindall

Mr. and Mrs. George Arras

Drs. J. Scott VanLoock

Mr. and Mrs. Ty Bullard 

Harvey and Thomas Orthodontics 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Buurma

Thomas and Moore Pediatric Dentistry

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clement

Mrs. Theresa Orrell and Mrs. Marie Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Maisel 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dodson 

Mr. and Mrs. George Martindale 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Garstecki 

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie White

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mostellar 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Coale 

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Myers 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pfeiffer 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Stimpson 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Law Stuart 

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Graf

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Taupeka

Dr. and Mrs. John Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Meisler

Mr. Herbert A. Meisler

Dr. and Mrs. John Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Arendall