Night of the Stars
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Please join us on this special evening as we honor three extraordinary individuals in our community who are going above and beyond in the fight against cancer.  The committee is currently selecting the event honorees, and we will be posting this information very soon.

Laura Ginter
Paqui & Brian Kelly Comprehensive Breast Center

Dr. Colleen Morrison, MD
Memorial Regional Cancer Care

Julie Hochstetler
Goshen Center for Cancer Care

Brian Baker, PhD
Department Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Rev. John A. Zahm Professor of Structural Biology
University of Notre Dame

Night of the Stars began honoring community leaders in the fight against cancer in 1997.  Past Night of the Stars honorees have included the following special individuals:

Bilal Ansari, MD; Karl Zimmer; Kristen Rheinheimer; Michael Method, MD; Denise Jensen; Dave Mayfield; Marvin Wood; Frank Pairitz, MD; Bettye Green; Robert Goulet; Thomas Troeger, MD; Katherine Schirm; Andy Jones; Eugenia Schwartz; Joyce Stifel; Joyce Sopko; Juan Garcia, MD; Lyn Murphy; Morris Pollard, PhD; Joan Lennon; Monica Sage; Luis Galup, MD; Rosemary Toepp; George Friend, MD; Mary Reinke; Mary Fisher; Nancy Strasser, MS, RD; Nancy White; Jerry Bleck; Laura L. Morris, MD, MBA, FACS; James D. Imes, CPA; Rafat H. Ansari, MD, FACP; Dave Hudson; Greg Dale; Kathy Hawley, RN; David Taber, MD; Dee Tepe; Roger Hershberger; Robin Zon, MD; Robert Kloska; Mike Sullivan; Jose Bufill, MD; Shelby Peck; Margaret McKinney-Arnold; David Hornback, MD; Ken Dutton; Becky Milliser; Michael Rodriguez, MD; Scott & Nicole Leonard; Jessica Brookshire; Brandee Flag; Holly Harris, MD; Michael Rotkis, MD; Kim and Mike Becker; Charles Peterson, MD; Thomas Reid, III, MD; Mary Sue Crimmins, RN; Bobbie Sutton, MD; Shane Varga; Sharon Stack, PhD; Thomas Poulin, MD; Amelia Taggart, RN; Kim Zubrosky; Rita Gingrich; Samuel McGrath, MD; Amy Tinlin, RN; Kathy Ann Reinhardt; Katina Wood and Urs von Holzen, MD.