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Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Join DetermiNation for the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!  We do have GUARANTEED entries available with different fundraising options.  These limited entries are going fast so register today to secure your spot in this world-class event!  Free training is provided through your choice of CARA or Chicago Endurance Sports. There are different fundraising minimums available to participants, depending on if you are already signed up for the race or if you would like to have a free racy entry:

  1. $1,500 minimum due October 1 - If you still need a guaranteed spot for the marathon, we can get you in.  We provide free training, fundraising support, DetermiNation gear and access to our VIP Village on race day (at the Congress Hotel).  Participants are required to pay the $185 race entry after joining our team.
  2. $1,900 minimum due October 1 - If you still need a guaranteed spot for the marathon, you can receive all benefits listed above.  The American Cancer Society will ALSO pay your $185 race entry fee.  You must raise at least $500 by July 10 for this option.  
  3. If you are already registered for the Chicago Marathon you can join our team without a fundraising minimum.  If you would like to receive full team benefits including training, DetermiNation gear, fundraising support and access to our VIP Village on race day you must raise at least $1,000 by October 1.  If you do not wish to receive all of these benefits (and wish to raise what you can) you will receive a DetermiNation racing shirt upon raising $300.

When you join the American Cancer Society DetermiNation endurance event program, you join our nationwide community of athletes and get the best localized support, training, and fundraising tools to help you achieve your personal victory. Every mile of training will be more meaningful and on race day you’ll have the extra motivation you need knowing you’re helping save lives from all types of cancer.

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This can vary per person depending on your training intensity and goals.

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