Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. 

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Join us for the 2nd Annual Nordic Relay For Life on Saturday, February 16th to bring the Norwich community together to remember loved ones lost, honor survivors of all cancers, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer.

Up hill

Unlike most Relay For Life events, ours will be done Nordic Style which means that people can snowshoe or hike Paine Mountain.

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Why Join Relay For Life?

1 in 3 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. One of those people could be you or someone you love. That's why we Relay. When you join a Relay For Life event, you're helping the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking research, crucial patient care programs, and education and prevention information. When you Relay, you help save lives.

be the difference

Team 17-1-3 shared why they were Relaying in this great YouTube video from last year! Watch it here.


Celebrate & Remember with a Luminaria

Luminarias honor every life touched by cancer. You can dedicate them to a loved one lost, someone currently battling, or anyone who’s overcome it. When you attend a Relay event, you’ll see the Luminarias decorated with names and sometimes messages to the people they’re dedicated to.


After dark, Relay participants share an emotional moment when each Luminaria is lit in remembrance of a life touched by cancer. Together, we take a moment of silence to remember the loved ones they’re dedicated to. When you make a donation for a Luminaria it helps fund the American Cancer Society’s mission to help save lives.


Make A Tribute for $5 donation. Bags may also be purchased at the event.

Hope lodge

Because of people like you and the funds you raise,the American Cancer Society is able to provide FREE lodging to cancer patients and their caregiver at a Hope Lodge like the one in Burlington

You could even volunteer there, whether it's making cookies or dinner for the guests or simply giving them companionship. For more info on how to volunteer, contact Angela Putnam.

For more info about the American Cancer Society, go to