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Tips on how to make your team a BIG success:

Promote the event within your company using tools provided at

  • Send a team building email to all staff within your company
  • Start as soon as you select your game day or when your kit arrives
  • Build momentum each day with fun prizes you provide
  • Post success stories on your company website or in newsletters
  • Post flyers on bulletin boards or in employee mailboxes
  • Ask team members for fundraising ideas, try to include everyone

If your company has multiple locations, see if everyone in your organization can have the opportunity to participate. Also, let your corporate neighbors, vendors and customers know what you are doing in case they want to help build the team.

Share the Wear Your Sneakers to Work Day stickers with all participants. You have some samples in your kit. Also, you can download the sticker template from the website and print more if this is a hit with your team using Avery label template 5294.

Use the donation-tracking sheet provided to keep track of who donated. This will help you with your game day plan and one copy is included inside your shoebox kit.

Organize fun and creative activities leading up to game day to create employee camaraderie as well as raise funds to fight back against cancer. Remember people enjoy team building and bake sales, wearing their favorite green and white MSU gear, internal challenges between departments, etc. Keep it fun, easy and celebrate!

Take photographs of your participants and post those on your company intranet, facebook or bulletin boards along with the total funds raised. 

Download the Success Tips Flyer.