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Team Cleveland Clinic

2014 Pan Ohio Hope Ride
Team Cleveland Clinic

Team Cleveland Clinic
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Team Cleveland Clinic
98 percent of goal achieved.

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Welcome to our Team Page!

Because nearly everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, we've decided to show our support and make a difference by forming a team to support the American Cancer Society’s lifesaving work in research, education, advocacy, and patient services Using the links on this page, you can join our fight against cancer by clicking to Join our Team or Donate. Today, there is more hope than ever for people facing cancer. We hope you will join our team or make a donation today!


Team Cleveland Clinic Raised
Patrick Surdy $5,750.00
Christine Ahrens $2,260.00
James Bennett (V) $800.00
Oscar Berman $850.00
Daniel Bode $1,355.00
Steve Booth $1,060.00
Dan Brown $2,480.00
Dennis Brown $1,050.00
Jerry Bucher $1,160.00
G Thomas Budd $1,645.00
John Calabrese $820.00
Terence Campbell $2,324.00
Frank Cepero (V) $75.00
Andrew Clark $1,735.00
Thomas Clementi $1,420.00
Robert Danzinger $10,672.00
Carl DeForest $6,511.00
Megan Doerr $1,525.00
Dennis Edwards $1,255.00
David Effron $884.00
Matt Frank $875.00
Thomas Frank $800.00
Jack Gallagher (V) $0.00
Sandy Griffith $825.00
Stephen Hantus $700.00
Steven Herron $2,225.00
Ed Hillmuth (V) $505.00
Tim Hudson $1,312.00
Jay Kwast $2,230.00
Meghan Kwast $1,040.00
Jo Laird $5,530.00
Tom Lazzaro $1,290.00
Todd Marazzi $1,835.00
Matthew McDonnell $2,575.00
Dave Miller $250.00
Jay Miller V $0.00
Craig Moore (V) $175.00
Anthony Musso $925.00
Paul Musso $4,170.00
Jaime Planinsek $1,095.00
Diane Plotz $1,870.00
Charles Poe $1,375.00
Ofer Reizes V $1,245.00
Eddie Rollins $710.00
Jennifer Runo $1,535.00
John Sangdahl $1,270.00
Douglas Scavuzzo $900.00
Anthony Smoody $800.00
Dawn Solar $1,970.00
Matthew Spaits $1,001.00
Lindsay Storms $700.00
Michael Szoke $1,940.00
Margaret Tsai V $50.00
Wendy Turkuc $3,280.00
Eric Turner $0.00
Scott Watkins $725.00
Michael Woods $1,920.00
Team Gifts $3,035.00
Denotes a Team Captain