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Event: Run For Dad

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2019

Company/Club: Capital Health


$2,018 raised $2,000 goal

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I Made a Donation Roxanne OByrne $275
I Made a Donation Alan Amtzis $1,068
I Made a Donation Mike Bentz $25
I Made a Donation Tina Bergner $125
I Made a Donation Kim Cento $25
I Made a Donation Joshua Chen $25
I Made a Donation Michael Dubrow $25
I Made a Donation Diane Hasili $25
Christine Louderback $25
Tommy-John Louderback $25
I Made a Donation Allison Lubina $25
I Made a Donation Joe McGuinness $25
Kyra Munley $25
I Made a Donation Robert Munley $25
Rose Munley $25
I Made a Donation Francoise Samedi $25
I Made a Donation Carol Sedgwick $25
Team Gifts $200
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Top Donors
  1. Anonymous$100
  2. Anonymous 
  3. Anonymous 
  4. Anonymous 
  5. Christine Louderback$25
  6. Diane Hasili$25
  7. Dr. Alan Amtzis$50
  8. EJ MacMahon MD, MBA, FCAP 
  9. Facebook Fundraiser$111
  10. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  11. Facebook Fundraiser$75
  12. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  13. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  14. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  15. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  16. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  17. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  18. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  19. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  20. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  21. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  22. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  23. Facebook Fundraiser$18
  24. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  25. Kim Cento$25
  26. Kyra Munley$25
  27. Leslie & Steven Goldsmith 
  28. Marilyn Cochran-Smith 
  29. Michael Dubrow$25
  30. Mike Bentz$25
  31. Mr. Joe McGuinness$25
  32. Mr. Joshua Timothy Chen$25
  33. Mr. Robert Munley$25
  34. Mrs. Carol Sedgwick$25
  35. Ms. Allison Lubina$25
  36. Ms. Francoise Samedi$25
  37. Nina Shengold 
  38. Rose Munley$25
  39. Roxanne OByrne 
  40. Roxanne OByrne$25
  41. Stuart Carroll 
  42. Tina Bergner$125
  43. Tommy-John Louderback$25

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