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Hi, we're Flyingfish/Summit

Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$5,640 raised $10,000 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Amanda Kimber$35
  2. Andy Elkan$40
  3. Ann and Bob Adams$25
  4. Anonymous$100
  5. Anonymous 
  6. Anonymous 
  7. Anonymous 
  8. Anonymous 
  9. Anonymous 
  10. Anonymous 
  11. Anonymous 
  12. Anonymous 
  13. Anonymous 
  14. Anonymous 
  15. Anthony L Martino$140
  16. Ben and Megan Pascal$140
  17. Brian Williams$40
  18. Bruce & Kathy 
  19. Carole and Harry SIMON 
  20. Chris Tama$60
  21. Dan Bowman$40
  22. Dana 
  23. Daryn Eikner$40
  24. Dawn Glass 
  25. Deborah Barron$40
  26. Early Registration 
  27. Facebook Fundraiser$200
  28. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  29. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  30. Facebook Fundraiser$35
  31. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  32. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  33. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  34. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  35. Frank and Eileen Flynn (Team ELF) 
  36. Fred Kirchhoff 
  37. From Mark, Kathy, and Goldie$65
  38. Greg & Beth Lydon 
  40. Jack & Susan Johnston 
  41. Jack and jackie 
  42. Jack D Oconnell 
  43. Jeffrey Lydon 
  44. Jennifer Lippincott$40
  45. Jermaine & Maria Lindsey 
  46. Jerry and Nichole Lydon 
  47. Jerry Lydon 
  48. Jerry Lydon$40
  49. Joanne M Lydon 
  50. John & Judy 
  51. Judy & Gus 
  52. Kalani 
  53. Karen Neptune 
  54. Karen Neptune$40
  55. Kyle Ehret$140
  56. Lea Ann Wood$40
  57. Lisa Marie Heyward$40
  58. Marjory McCahill$40
  59. Mark Paul$40
  60. Mary & Dave Martin 
  61. Matching Gift on Behalf of Jerry Lydon 
  62. Matching Gift on Behalf of Jerry Lydon 
  63. Matthew Venuto$40
  64. Missing the group rides. Don Kaplan 
  65. Mom, Dad, Al, TJ, and Gizmo 
  66. Mr. Edwin L Ogen 
  67. Mr. Peter John Howe$40
  68. Mrs. Diane Howe$40
  69. Ms. Bethanne L Mowery$140
  70. Ms. Denise C Von Rhine 
  71. Neal Grobman$140
  72. Neilio Family 
  73. Pat A. Shelfer 
  74. Ray Matteucci$50
  75. Raymond James 
  76. Richard Antonison$40
  77. Rick & Chris 
  78. Robin Tama$40
  79. Rona & Leonard Egan 
  80. Steve 
  81. Susan Murray 
  82. Team Marcella 
  83. Thomas Leakan$40
  84. Thomas Liszewski$40
  85. Tick Toc 
  86. Tom & Judy Johnson (O Pi 1965)$200
  87. United Way Donations 
  88. Vince Bandille 
  89. White, Dave (Woodsie) 

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