Hi, we're Team Evesham

Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$6,341 raised $30,000 goal

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Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. A donation in the memory of Kathleen Speas 
  2. Amy, Josh, Brady & Olivia Remick 
  3. Andre Raspanti$30
  4. Andrew Demmler$40
  5. Andrew Fletcher$140
  6. Ann Fryland$50
  7. Ann Fryland$40
  8. Anonymous 
  9. Anonymous 
  10. Anonymous 
  11. Anonymous 
  12. Barry Burke 
  13. Barry Wolf$40
  14. Bob A Gumaer$140
  15. Bruce Rubin$60
  16. Cathy Rosenberg$40
  17. Christopher West$40
  18. Commander Manders$50
  19. Dale & Bill Fisher 
  20. Daniel Zingaro$40
  21. David Breslau$40
  22. David P. Beauchemin$40
  23. David Wender$140
  24. Dennis Wall$40
  25. Dr. Jason Gallagher$140
  26. Dr. Robert N Spivack$40
  27. Early Registration 
  28. Early Registration 
  29. Early Registration 
  30. Elaine Wollman$36
  31. Exelon Corporation Matching Gift$400
  32. Felix Navarro$215
  33. Fran O'Shaughnessy$40
  34. Happy Birthday Mom, we miss you..$100
  35. In memory of Albert Morgenstern 
  36. James W Markgraf$85
  37. Jim Zacher$40
  38. Jim Zacher 
  39. John and Robin 
  40. Joseph Matthew Lempa$30
  41. Joseph Russell Jr.$140
  42. Judith Seip$40
  43. Lane Davis$65
  44. Lassin Family Dentistry Howard Lassin 
  45. Leslie Breslau$40
  46. Lisa Sleeper$40
  47. Los Tres Amigos$200
  48. Los Tres Amigos 
  49. Lucas Russell$90
  50. Lucie Nowicki$40
  51. Matt Iacono$40
  52. Melissa Harris$140
  53. Michael S Gibbs$30
  54. Michael Vindick$40
  55. Monica Hashimoto 
  56. Mr. Adam R Woodhull$40
  57. Mr. Charles Nowicki$40
  58. Mr. David H Bennis$140
  59. Mr. David Humphreys$40
  60. Mr. David Savar$140
  61. Mr. Dennis A. Dahms Sr.$40
  62. Mr. Edward Ng$140
  63. Mr. James e Sweet Jr.$40
  64. Mr. Jay Levenson$40
  65. Mr. John Pitts$40
  66. Mr. Kevin John Wright$40
  67. Mr. Mark F Thornton$140
  68. Mr. Richard Bernstein$40
  69. Mr. Ross Polinow$60
  70. Mr. Sanford Student$40
  71. Mr. Scott Downie$140
  72. Mr. Stephen D LeVine$40
  73. Mrs. Carrie Salsbery$40
  74. Mrs. Elmine van den Berg$40
  75. Mrs. Gweneth Oshaughnessy$40
  76. Mrs. Julie Galezniak$160
  77. Mrs. Julie Wright$40
  78. Ms. Lori E Emma$40
  79. Ms. Marianne Alexander$40
  80. Ms. Mona Lawrence Freedman$40
  81. Ms. Rhonda Kay Ritz$40
  82. Nadine Danenberg$140
  83. Patricia Spiegel$40
  84. Patrick Zingaro$40
  85. Penny Person 
  86. Rochelle Berman-Jordan Worldwide, Inc. 
  87. Rusting Dead Metal$100
  88. Rylee, Brayden & Carter 
  89. Sam Guirguis$30
  90. Sara Downie$140
  91. Scott Santos$65
  92. Shelley and Barry Rubin 
  93. Vincenza Saldiveri 
  94. Wendy A Rubin$40
  95. Wendy Feldman$100

Join the Fight to End Cancer!
By forming a team, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer.
Cancer is a fierce opponent, but our team is committed to helping the American Cancer Society raise awareness about what we can do, together, to help end this disease.  Our mission is clear – keep fighting for the day when no one hears the words “you have cancer.”
Please join us in the fight – donate to our team and help us save more lives!

Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer.  The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.

Cheer us on!