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Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$4,070.50 raised $50,000 goal

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  1. Adam Cherry$240
  2. Amber Pittman$140
  3. Anonymous$200
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  5. Anonymous$20
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  7. Beckham Stewart$40
  8. Bill Patrick$40
  9. Colleen Morse 
  10. David Estes$30
  11. Diane E Quinn 
  12. Diane Frederic$30
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  25. Eddie Robb$90
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  34. Franklin Foster$20
  35. Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Matching Gift$720
  36. Mark Feinman$140
  37. Meghan P McCormack Esq.$40
  38. Melissa Marconi$40
  39. Mr. Daniel P Jones$165
  40. Mr. David J Pettit$40
  41. Mr. Franklin James Foster Jr.$40
  42. Mr. Paul Ward$140
  43. Mr. Scott Hartsock$40
  44. Mr. Shaun K. McGovern$40
  45. Mr. Tim William Mahoney$40
  46. Nick Vanderwerff$40
  47. Nicole Johnson$40
  48. Raffle Basket 
  49. Ryan Turner$90
  50. Susan Estes$30
  51. Thomas Hauber$100

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Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer.  The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.

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