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Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$2,810 raised $15,000 goal

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  1. Amber Schober$140
  2. Amy Bihn Johnson 
  3. Amy Billings Mullany 
  4. Armando Tecu$40
  5. Ashley Nicole 
  6. Bryan Maher 
  7. Carol Hartey Schultz 
  8. Colette Giordano Dougherty 
  9. Dan Boucot$140
  10. Danielle Elizabeth 
  11. Dave Devlin 
  12. Dino Mele 
  13. Doug Rosenblum$40
  14. E J Martin$40
  15. Ed Pollitt$40
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  21. Gerri Philbin Ragan 
  22. Irene Wunsch$30
  23. Jason maher 
  24. Jason Maher$40
  25. Jeff Olavarria$40
  26. Joan Houston$40
  27. Joe Altimari$65
  28. Joseph Coyle 
  29. Joy Rosenblum 
  30. Kathy Johnson Friendly$20
  31. Keith Morris 
  32. Lisa K Turner$40
  33. Lisa Magazzu Jacobs 
  34. Maryanne Matteo$20
  35. Matthew Zamites$140
  36. Mercedes McCullough Petrellis 
  37. Mike Royds$40
  38. Mr. Andrew John Polovoy$40
  39. Mr. Ernesto A Betancourt$40
  40. Mr. James Fields$40
  41. Mr. Joseph Reynolds$140
  42. Mr. Kenneth S Zimel$30
  43. Mrs. Jacquelyn Olavarria$140
  44. Ms. Diane Nelson-Hartzell$50
  45. Susan Billings Mirabella 
  46. Timothy McMenamin$140

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Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer.  The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.

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