Hi, we're Team Shark

Event: Bike-a-thon

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019


$4,935 raised $10,000 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Al Taylor Jr.$65
  2. Alexander & Suzanne Di Santi 
  3. Amanda Rauenzahn$40
  4. Andrew Mooney$50
  5. Anonymous$1,750
  6. Anonymous$100
  7. Anonymous$50
  8. Anonymous 
  9. Anonymous 
  10. B Dale Winters$10
  11. Bernice J. Whitmore 
  12. Carmen Santana$40
  13. Carol Kreider 
  14. Damian Martinez$40
  15. Damian Martinez$10
  16. Damian Martinez$5
  17. Dawn Mooney$100
  18. Diane Ellis 
  19. Early Registration 
  20. Early Registration 
  21. Early Registration 
  22. Early Registration 
  23. Elizabeth Norcini$50
  24. Evan & Carol Frey 
  25. Flyer's Ticket 
  26. Flyer's Tickets 
  27. Flyer's Tickets 
  28. Flyer's Tickets 
  29. Flyer's Tickets 
  30. Fred & Anne Ferrari$20
  31. In Memory of Janet Burns 
  32. Jane Brady 
  33. Janet Burns$50
  34. Jason D.$35
  35. Jaymi Masterson$40
  36. Jennifer G. Basford$40
  37. Joan Crilley 
  38. Joseph, Claudia, & Caitlin Cheruka 
  39. Judi Wales$25
  40. June Kozak 
  41. Karen Ellis$100
  42. Karen Ellis$65
  43. Kelly Kerr 
  44. Kim Callahan$40
  45. Krystina I Masterson 
  46. Krystina I Masterson$50
  47. Laura D Blackburn$40
  48. Lynda Drespling 
  49. Mark Doubet$5
  50. Mark Simeone$100
  51. Mark Taylor$140
  52. Mark Wilson$125
  53. Megan Spirito$40
  54. Michelle Bracken 
  55. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Etsell 
  56. Ms. Melanie L Leonard 
  57. Olympic Diner$35
  58. Pat Hearty$50
  59. Paula Wallace 
  60. Rob Masterson$40
  61. Sara-Jean Becker 
  62. Secane Station 
  63. Stephanie Notarianni 
  64. Thomas M. Brinker, Jr. 
  65. Thomas Mayberry 
  66. Thomas Wiegand$60
  67. Tony & Helen Torelli 
  68. Wolfgang Family 
  69. Your ServiceMaster Family 

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