Hi, we're Team Anne Beaster

Event: Sole Burner 5k Walk/Run

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018


$4,535 raised $0 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Amy Leach$50
  2. Anonymous$100
  3. Art Dumke$130
  4. Becky Metz$30
  5. Becky Metz$30
  6. Bill Berger Sr.$30
  7. Bob Reese$480
  8. Brian Megale$200
  9. Brian Megale$30
  10. Brian Watzke$50
  11. Carl Nessler$30
  12. Carsten Reese$15
  13. Cheryl Peters$150
  14. Darlene Kraus$30
  15. Dave Mattner$100
  16. David Tolpingrud$30
  17. Diane Kulick$30
  18. Don Bagget$100
  19. Donation$500
  20. Donation$250
  21. Donation$50
  22. Doy LaHa$30
  23. Elsie Heidke$15
  24. Eric Clark$50
  25. Gordy R.$25
  26. Hudson Peters$15
  27. Jeff Peters$30
  28. Jim Buehner$150
  29. Jo Anne Deyoung$75
  30. Joanne A. Grobe$30
  31. Jon Buggs$30
  32. Kathy Jacobson$30
  33. Kathy Marsh$30
  34. Katie Heidke$70
  35. Katie Heidke$30
  36. Kay Beaster$30
  37. Kristi Clark$30
  38. Kristin Reese$30
  39. Kyle Reese$30
  40. Maggie Schiessl$30
  41. Mark Beaster$100
  42. Mark Beaster$30
  43. Mary Berger$80
  44. Mary Berger$30
  45. Mary Laffin$30
  46. Max Megale$30
  47. McKinna Peters$15
  48. Michael Heidke$30
  49. Mike Mastrosow$50
  50. Monty Raben$50
  51. Mrs. Kathy J Jacobson$60
  52. Ms. Sandy L Deyoung$100
  53. Randy Gilbertson$30
  54. Richard Reese$30
  55. Roger Bauser$250
  56. Sabine Schiessl$30
  57. Sandy DeYoung$30
  58. Sonja Simonson$30
  59. Stacey Reese$30
  60. Stan Mathes$100
  61. Stan Mathes$30
  62. Susan Osland$30
  63. Ted Buehner$30
  64. Terry Turk$30
  65. Tiffany Megale$30
  66. Tom Jacobson$30
  67. Tracy Reese$30
  68. Violet Megale$15

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