Team Crush It 2017

Hi, we're Team Crush It!

Event: George Washington Bridge Challenge

Date: Sunday, June 03, 2018

Company/Club: AXA


$6,098 raised $1,000 goal

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Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Alexander Melendez$15
  2. Amy Portilla$115
  3. Angela Martin$65
  4. Anne Smith$115
  5. Anonymous 
  6. Anonymous 
  7. Anonymous 
  8. Anonymous 
  9. April Brown$50
  10. Austin Jett$15
  11. Axa Equitable 
  12. AXA Foundation Matching Gift- Angela Martin$65
  13. Axa Foundation Matching Gifts Adm Matching Gift$170
  14. AXA US$1,140
  15. Bernard Braithwaite$15
  16. Brent Baker$15
  17. Caitilin Anne Foley$15
  18. Cheri Braithwaite$15
  19. Cheryl H in honor of Minna H 
  20. Cheyene Cannova$40
  21. Chuckie Namiot$20
  22. Cinthia Kerstein$90
  23. Dana Petersen$90
  25. Daniel White$15
  26. Darlene Blanco$65
  27. DFX 
  28. DJ Jazzy Jeff$25
  29. Doralee Torres$15
  30. Dr. Dazzle 
  31. Dror Nir 
  32. eileen mulvihill$50
  33. Eileen Stassa$25
  34. Elisabeth Bartosh$40
  35. Faith Frank$108
  36. Fiona Russo$65
  37. Greg Hund$65
  38. Harmony Negrin$65
  39. Heidi Namiot$120
  40. Henry Namiot$20
  41. In memory Anne Katz$200
  42. In memory of Maria T. Fisher 
  43. Ivana Supurtcha$50
  44. JIM 
  45. Jim Mellin$515
  46. Joe Saccomanno$65
  47. Julie Mooney$20
  48. Karen Hernandez$40
  49. Katherine Rivera$115
  50. KC$20
  51. Keith Namiot$170
  52. Kevin Nallen$115
  53. Madalyn Pinto$15
  54. Maddy$50
  55. Maddy Anello$50
  56. Marc Santiago 
  58. Michael Berz$140
  59. Michael Centeno 
  60. Michael Edmund Torres Jr.$15
  61. Michael Madole$115
  62. Michelle Miranda$40
  63. Miriam Mathis$15
  64. Mr. Cecilia Pinto$15
  65. Mr. Emilien Poggi$50
  66. Mr.& Mrs. Ruiz$40
  67. Mrs. Dorian M Torres$15
  68. Ms. Cecilia Pinto$215
  69. Ms. Swati Yogesh$40
  70. PA$25
  71. Patrick Belle 
  72. Phil Fiore$15
  73. Pimp Daddy 
  74. Radha Singh 
  75. Serena Maldonado 
  76. Shane D. 
  77. ShED, Fred, and Rory$20
  78. shonda ward$20
  79. Sri Mahilkanthan$125
  80. Tania P. Gamarra$10
  81. Timothy Fafian$50
  82. Victor Hernandez$40

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