Hi, we're Team Rasmussen

Event: George Washington Bridge Challenge

Date: Sunday, June 03, 2018


$2,955 raised $100 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Alex Caterinicchia$30
  2. Angelina Trifilio$30
  3. Annette Ciavirella$40
  4. Anonymous 
  5. Anonymous 
  6. Audrey Winograd$35
  7. Blaire Thomas$40
  8. Brianna Ellen$40
  9. Carolyn Myles$40
  10. Cathy Squasoni$100
  11. Christine Froonjian$30
  12. Cindy Piano$30
  13. Claudia Patricia Vasquez$40
  14. Colleen O'Connell$40
  15. Crystal Rivera$30
  16. Dani Kriscunas$40
  17. Diana Perdomo$40
  18. Diana Stripling$35
  19. Donna Daly$30
  20. Dr. Patricia Reineke$55
  21. Emma Gonzalez$40
  22. Gerard Ellen$40
  23. James Devine$40
  24. Janis Caterinicchia$30
  25. Jasmine Persaud$40
  26. Jean Jadevaia$40
  27. Jenna Squasoni$30
  28. Jodi Pino$40
  29. John Cataldi$100
  30. Justin Ellen$40
  31. Kimberly Rasmussen$40
  32. Lisa Vanacore$130
  33. Lissette Harris$40
  34. Lori Oconnell$40
  35. Lorraine Santarlasci$30
  36. Luis A. Medina$40
  37. Madeleine Ciocco 
  38. Marita Pechulis$100
  39. Mark Penchinar$30
  40. Mary Ann Macaluso$40
  41. Michal Lesniowski$65
  42. Monica Loza$65
  43. Moraima Perdomo$40
  44. Mr. John Carren III$30
  46. Mrs. Christina Cron$30
  47. Mrs. Jennifer Cataldi$40
  48. Ms. Alberta Pino$30
  49. Ms. Daisy Molina$40
  50. Ms. Heather LaBombardi$30
  51. Ms. Marita Pechulis$30
  52. Ms. Patricia Carroll$40
  53. Ms. Tina J Aarons$55
  54. Nivia Taboas$40
  55. No 
  56. Ovidija Paulter$30
  57. Pam Margreither$45
  58. Patricia Masten$30
  59. Patt Lemonie$30
  60. Paul adams$40
  61. Peter Alessi$30
  62. Regina Imsand$30
  63. Renee Thomas$40
  64. Sharon K Golub$30
  65. Shelby Thomas$40
  66. Steve Daly$30
  67. Susan Melnicki$50
  68. Suzanne Ritondale$30
  69. Tanya Thomas$40
  70. Terry Searson$25
  71. Theresa Mary Rasmussen$55
  72. Tiamera Ellen$40
  73. Wendy Feinberg$30

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