Hi, we're Schneider Electric

Event: Walk and Roll Chicago

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Company/Club: CEI - Chicago Electrical Industry


$13,011 raised $5,000 goal

Support Schneider Electric

Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Alvaro Hernandez$65
  2. Anonymous 
  3. Anthony Young$15
  4. Becca 
  5. Brett Bochnak$40
  6. Carrie Lantz$15
  7. Christina Olson$10
  8. Christine Ridgway$15
  9. Collin Noe$65
  10. Cyndi Rohrbacher$40
  11. Doni Fisk 
  12. Eric Larsen 
  13. Grace Schnell$15
  14. Gregory Gora$40
  15. Jack Roberts$65
  16. Janet Madden$115
  17. Jeff McClain$65
  18. Jeff Shamasko$15
  19. Jillian Ellwood$65
  20. Julie Gage$15
  21. Kacey Keegan$40
  22. Karen Gallagher$15
  23. Kevin and Pam Rohrbacher & kiddos 
  24. Krissi Picchi$25
  25. Lori Aldrich 
  26. Maria (Jessie) Shamasko$10
  27. Maria The Great Montalvo$35
  28. Mark Toth 
  29. Mary & Keith Stanwyck 
  30. Mr. Andrew Daniele$15
  31. Mr. Craig Soderlund$15
  32. Mr. Gary S Shamasko$500
  33. Mr. Sen Can$65
  34. Mrs. Cara Oller$35
  35. Mrs. Maggie Parniak$115
  36. Mrs. Victoria Can$15
  37. Nicole Gonzalez 
  38. Nicole Gonzalez 
  39. Peter Dublinski 
  40. Rachel Goetz$15
  41. Ray Madden$115
  42. Scott & Maggie Oman 
  43. Simon Parniak$115
  44. Sponsorship $10,000
  45. T&T Motorcycle crew$50
  46. Team Schneider 
  47. Terry Aldrich$40
  48. The Hams 
  49. Thomas Goetz$65
  50. Tina Rehder$15
  51. Troy Tate$100

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