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Event: Pan Ohio Hope Ride

Date: July 26-29, 2018


$34,676.20 raised $100,000 goal

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Bond EY - Join Team Raised
I Made a Donation James Bond Sr. $29,000.20
James Bond $363
I Made a Donation Kathleen Bond $3,328
Mandy Highland $0
I Made a Donation Charlie Patterson $1,775
Team Gifts $210
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  70. Mr. Scott E Buck$150
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  72. Mrs. Charlie Patterson III$500
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  82. Third Federal Foundation 
  83. Thomas A DeMinico 
  84. Walter J Kennamer$100
  85. Wanda L. Gulley 
  86. YELLOW 

Who Are These People?

Jim Bond (the younger, AKA Griz Man)

Mandy Highland (Denyse and Charlie's daughter)

Kathleen and Jim Bond (the older, and hopefully wiser)

Not pictured, but strong team mates:

Craig Brooks

Greg Daniels

Cory Murphy


Why we are All In for the POHR

We have all seen cancer take the lives of our loved ones. We are committed to putting an end to cancer. How? By raising funds and awareness to American Cancer Society programs that will help cure cancer.

The 34 Hope Lodges are a great example of helping patients today. Patients and their families stay for free at Hope Lodges when they need to travel far from home for treatments at major cancer centers. Ohio has Hope Lodges in Cleveland and Cincinnati, and we hope someday Columbus.

Funding cancer research is another great example of how the ACS is helping find cures for various forms of cancer. No organization outside of the government funds more research than the ACS. I am living proof that ACS funded research saves lives. An ACS-funded scientist received a Nobel Prize for a discovery that led to an experimental drug that saved my life in 2002. The FDA approved the drug, now called Velcade which has extended thousands of lives.

The ACS does much more, but these two--research and giving patients free lodging to access to leading treatments--are leading reasons why we are passionate fundraisers, and we pedal our bikes along Ohio's bike trails and county roads.

Please consider donating, riding with us, or otherwise volunteering for the POHR.

Thanks to all of you who have donated since 2007 when Kathleen founded the POHR. You are making an impact on people’s lives. 

James Bond, Sr


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Name Amount Raised
Bond EY - Join Team Raised
I Made a Donation James Bond Sr. $29,000.20
James Bond $363
I Made a Donation Kathleen Bond $3,328
Mandy Highland $0
I Made a Donation Charlie Patterson $1,775
Team Gifts $210
Denotes a Team Captain