Train4Life Page

Train4Life is teaming up with the American Cancer Society for a New Year Weight Loss Challenge starting on January 2, 2018! The event will include one on one workouts with a trainer coaching you along the way with weigh ins every Friday. Participants will pay to enter and raise money along their weight loss journey to help support the American Cancer Society's lifesaving mission.


To sign up, please complete the online registration process. You can join the Train4Life tream by clicking here! Next, complete the registration form and make your initial $50 required donation.

(Click the "Join Our Team" button and then choose the participation type "Train4Life")

We are helping the American Cancer Society help people stay well, get well, find cures and fight back against this terrible disease. TOGETHER, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer. 


How you can help us reach our goal:

Sign up now and donate $50
Send an e-mail to all of your friends and family and ask for their support!
Post our event to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and direct your followers to donate!



If you cannot participate in the fundraising challenge, please consider supporting Train4Life or one of you fellow trainers/members by making a donation to their efforts!

Visit and click "donate" then search for an individual or team name to complete your donation. You can also click the team links above and choose "donate now" to support that team.