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A Letter from the Chairman:

Dear Patrons,

There are only so many ways to express our gratitude for all who helped make the 27th annual American Cancer Society Chili Cook Off a success this year.  We are proud to have served as Chairs this past year.  It is the camaraderie from each of those involved, from our volunteers, to our teams, to our patrons, all directed toward a common goal that truly makes the Chili Cook Off special.  As always, we want to thank our sponsors who continue to generously donate their resources in support of our event each year.  We must also acknowledge the hard work of our committee members who spend time throughout the year to ensure that the event runs smoothly.  It is a privilege to work with each of you.  Just as ACS continues to look for more ways to impact the fight against cancer, the committee is always looking to do its part by growing the Chili Cook-Off.  To that end, for those of you reading this, we encourage your feedback on ways that we can enhance the event for all involved.  Once again, thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you, and we appreciate everything that you do to help create a world free of cancer.


Melissa Rankin and Mike Thompson



Event Chairs

Melissa Rankin

Mike Thompson


Committee Members

Alex Arendall

Joe Cowart

Jason Dabbs

Will Dickson

Chris Gibbons

Victoria Gunnison

Michelle Hansen

Todd Hassel

Tom Horst

Wilson Horst

Kevin Kornmeyer

Derek Long

Angela Luse

Chandler Ogburn

Cindy Paul

Cindy Powell

Carlos Serrano

Alex Stroecker

Ben Stroecker

Meagan Talbert

Jeff Tedder

Jay Thomas

Mindi Waite

James West

Denson White 


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