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Your Contributions at Work

Here's how the American Cancer Society invests each dollar you give

Mission Programs (72¢)
The American Cancer Society is the only charitable organization fighting every form of cancer on every front in every community. We invest in programs that help people stay well, get well, find cures and fight back. This includes:
  • Education for Prevention and Early Detection
    We empower people to take charge of their health by sharing the good news that half of all cancers can be prevented. Our outreach programs help people learn about effective cancer screening and simple lifestyle changes that help reduce cancer risks. The Illinois Division also partners with health care providers to offer free or low-cost screenings for underinsured or uninsured individuals to ensure that potential cancers are found at earlier, more treatable stages.
  • Free Patient Services
    No organization is better positioned than the American Cancer Society to help patients and their families work through the multi-faceted issues that make a cancer journey so challenging. In 2010 alone, the Illinois Division provided free support for more than 30,000 new patients and families. We offer a full complement of free services to ease the daily burdens cancer patients face, enabling them to concentrate their energies on healing

  • Groundbreaking Research
    The American Cancer Society continues to be the largest non-governmental source of cancer research funding -- with lifesaving results. Virtually every major breakthrough in the past 60 years can be traced to our research grants, and 44 of the investigators we have funded over the years have earned the Nobel Prize for their discoveries. The Illinois Division currently oversees more than $24 million in active research grants.

Fundraising (21¢)
We draw millions of people together in support of the cancer battle. Each year, our community-based fundraising events offer healing and hope for those with cancer while honoring those lost to the disease. When asked to name a health charity that raises money to address health problems, more people name the American Cancer Society than any other organization.

Management and General (7¢)
Stewardship is a core value that directs the administration of all American Cancer Society programs and services, guiding us to invest contributions for maximum impact while also meeting or exceeding established industry standards for measuring program and fundraising expense ratios. The American Cancer Society, Inc. meets the standards set by the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.

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