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Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017


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As a young man in October 2014, Joey was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease after experiencing months of severe stomach pains that never seemed to be resolved. He was put on a series of steroids and harsh biologic drugs that put him in the hospital many times, and didn’t show any improvement in his condition. For a guy who literally hadn’t been in the hospital since he had been born, suddenly living part of his life in one was a scary notion. It was only after his fourth visit to the hospital, an immense amount of pain, and multiple rounds of intense treatment specifically for Crohn's, that doctors realized Joey actually had blood cancer. 

He was diagnosed with stage 4 Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare and deadly type. What was even more shocking was how quickly the cancer had metastasized, and was already in eight of his organs including his spinal fluid, testes, pancreas, both intestines, kidney and bladder. Given the amount of time that had already passed misdiagnosed, this was an absolutely terrifying discovery for Joey and his wife Alyssa. 

Because of its rarity, Joey was unable to find sufficient treatment in Flagstaff. So with the help of Joey’s fire family, they packed up his entire house and moved him to Tucson for treatment at Tucson’s University Medical Center.

Beginning in January 2015, Joey was started on aggressive chemotherapy - Hyper CVAD - in which a patient is given multiple doses of the medicine in one day. He was later treated with immunotherapy, and says the overall process was absolutely brutal on his body. For over nine months Joey found himself throwing up every day, with no appetite, fluctuating fevers and suffered much loss of sleep. During this year of being in and out of the hospital, at one point he was unable to even consume any food or drink, and had to undergo and exploratory surgery to find out what was specifically causing this new problem. Doctors realized that a cancerous tumor had destroyed a large section of his intestines that then had to be removed entirely.

Amidst all of this pain and fear, something beautiful was born. Literally. Just six days before Joey was scheduled to go into the hospital, Alyssa somewhat unexpectedly found out she was pregnant, and was eventually able to be induced to give birth between Joey’s fifth and sixth rounds of chemo. Because of the radiation he has now endured, at the ripe age of 32, Joey is no longer able to have children, but in the knick of time became the proud and deeply loving father of their now two year old son, Joseph Nicolas. 

Joey is now officially considered to be in remission, and his latest PET scan came back clean. As a man who spent five years working as a hotshot battling blazes in the wild while wearing no structural firefighting gear and inhaling smoke for hours on end, he’s now made it out more unscathed than one might expect.

Throughout this journey, Joey and Alyssa say their community has been an absolute force of love. In fact, his friends, family, and fellow firemen were able to raise tens of thousands of dollars to assists in covering hefty medical bills and put their minds at ease when they had a new baby on the way. It truly does take a village. 

Thank you to Emily for writting this incredible story about Joey.  

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