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Event: 2017 Endure Ride

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017


$4,105 raised $10,000 goal

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Cancer Sucks Raised
I Made a Donation Brian McQuestion $3,540
I Made a Donation Mike Muller $565
Team Gifts $0
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  1. Allan Breymeier$35
  2. Andy Campbell 
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  10. Anonymous$25
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  12. Bill Martin 
  13. Brian Galfano 
  14. Brian's Mom 
  15. Broth 
  16. Chris, Becky, Joseph, Patrick 
  17. Cy Corgan$50
  18. Deering Family 
  19. Erik & Chrissy Block 
  20. Erik Carlson 
  21. Frank DeMola 
  22. Geoff Gordon 
  23. Heather Fogle 
  24. Hsu-Jen Huang 
  25. Jamal Epps 
  26. James Brislin 
  27. Jason Kolowski$50
  28. Jeff and Donna 
  29. Jenna Sabia$25
  30. Joe DaRonco 
  31. John and Renae 
  32. Jon & Amanda$25
  33. Jonathan Keller 
  34. Josh Berman 
  35. Kassie Lutchko$35
  36. Kate Pencek 
  37. Kristen Krulack 
  38. Len Mudlock State Farm 
  39. Liz, Tim, Evan & Patrick McQuestion. 
  40. Mark Linden 
  41. Mike C Muller$45
  42. Mr. Brian J. McQuestion$100
  43. Mr. Richard Edward Insley Jr. 
  44. Natalia and John 
  45. Nicole and Rolf Jorgensen$35
  46. PK 
  47. Rich Behrens$10
  48. Rose Wishner 
  49. Ruth Koelewyn and Kate Corby 
  50. Salmon Family$50
  51. Sam Holland 
  52. Scott & Susan Meuser 
  53. Sherry and John 
  54. Stephanie Buckley 
  55. The Nuzzaro Family 
  56. Tina Beretsky 
  57. Tina Martin 

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Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer.  The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.

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Cancer Sucks Raised
I Made a Donation Brian McQuestion $3,540
I Made a Donation Mike Muller $565
Team Gifts $0
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