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Fundraising Tips

The number one reason people donate to American Cancer Society events is because someone asked them to! Whether you are participating on your own or are part of a team, the goal is to reach out to as many people as possible and ask them to support your effort with a donation of any amount. Because so many people have been affected by cancer in some way, it’s easy to find others who want to support your effort with a donation … all you have to do is ask.

Once you sign up online, you will be able to send personalized emails to friends, family members, coworkers, and others, asking them for their support of your efforts to fight cancer. You may choose to receive an email every time someone donates to you online, and you will quickly see your fundraising thermometer rise. It’s amazing how quickly a few small donations can add up.

To help you get started, we’ve included a few fundraising tips below.

Sign Up Online
Sign up today to participate in the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer and customize your personal fundraising Web page. Upload a photo. Tell your story about why you’re riding and who you are riding for! It’s quick, easy, and offers a personal touch for friends and family members who visit your site to make a donation. Contact MaryAnn.Kennedy@cancer.org or call 1-888-227-5445 if you need help getting started.

Send Emails
Send emails to everyone you know using our easy and fun to use email tool. Collecting donations online is easy through our secure website.
Here are a few tips to help you get started! How to Send an Email   Adding Contacts to your Address Book

Download a Poster
Utilize our Download Library for a variety of posters, flyers, and other resources to help promote your fundraising efforts. Visit the download library

Publicize your Fundraiser!
Check out upcoming team and individual fundraisers for the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer on the Local Fundraisers page. If you have an upcoming fundraiser that you would like to spotlight on this page, please email MaryAnn.Kennedy@cancer.org.

Make a List and Check It Twice
Make a list of potential donors. Include everyone you know. Start by sponsoring yourself on your pledge sheet and listing the amount of your gift at the top of your list. Your gift will set the tone for others to give.

One a Day
Ask one person each day to make a contribution. If you get four $25 gifts, you will have raised $100 in less than a week. Don’t be afraid to ask for larger gifts. Cancer is an issue that affects us all, and most people are happy to support you and the American Cancer Society.

Offer to Carry a Tribute Name of a Loved One
Sell tribute names to people who would like you to carry the name of a loved one who has has battled cancer or is currently battling cancer. You can display the names/carry them with you on the ride in any unique way that you can think of.

The Mighty Pen
Send a letter in the mail to friends, family, and coworkers asking for their support. Let them know if you are riding in honor of someone. Explain why the cause is important to you; heartfelt messages get the best response. Don’t forget to send a thank you note to people who donate.

Double Your Money with Matching Gifts
Many employers offer matching gift programs. Your $50 donation could turn into $100 just by asking your human resources department for their matching gift form and reminding friends and family who support you to do the same. Learn more about matching gifts.

Talk It Up
Ask for a few minutes on the agenda of your local parent-teacher organization or weekly department meetings. Explain why you are riding and ask for everyone’s support. If you are dedicating your efforts to someone who has had cancer, tell that person’s story. Share with them the reason you’re dedicating your efforts to this important cause, and how they can join or support you.

Offer Food
Offer healthy treats to your friends, family and coworkers for a small gift to the American Cancer Society. Most people can be tempted to donate.

Clean House
Clean out your garage or home and set up a donation booth in exchange for your finds. Ask your friends and neighbors to donate their stuff to you, explaining that all proceeds will help support the American Cancer Society.

If a birthday or holiday is coming up, tell your family and friends that in lieu of a gift, you would like them to make a donation to the American Cancer Society for the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer.

Pin It Up
Post a pledge sheet on the bulletin board at church or temple, in the office, at the gym, or at school. Make sure to highlight your name, phone number, email address, and Web page address.

Send the Message
Change the recording on your voicemail or answering machine to mention the Hope Ride and how callers can make a donation. Then, when you call people back, ask them to sponsor you. When emailing friends, add a “P.S.” asking for their support.

Contact Us
We are here to support you! Just contact us at MaryAnn.Kennedy@cancer.org or call 1-888-227-5445. We’re also happy to put you in touch with veteran participants to share their tips on fundraising.

Mail In Donations
Please mail checks made payable to the American Cancer Society to: American Cancer Society, Attn: Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer, 3893 Adler Place, Bethlehem, PA 18017. If the donation is on behalf of a team or participant, please be sure to include their name.