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CFP CY15 Perimeter Ride Greeting Pics
So far we have...raised $139,224.54!

Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer
July 23 - 29, 2017  I  All the details

Six days and 500 miles of riding to fight cancer!

GOAL: To excessed the Average Raised Per Rider in 2015!

2015 ARPR: $3,542 
2017 PPRAC ARPR: $1,900 
Time to get that fundraising going!

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The Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer has been fighting cancer since 1983 raising over 1.5 million dollars to aid in the battle.

At PPRAC your energy and generosity make a real difference for people fighting cancer through the local programs in our community that benefit from the event’s success. With your sponsorship, and the fund-raising efforts of our participants, we are making a difference in the fight against cancer.


What is PPRAC?

Since 1983, a group of riders have taken on the hills of the Northeast to try ad fight cancer.
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For more information about the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer, getting involved, volunteering at the event or throughout the year, please contact us.

Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising Tips!
The PPRAC team has already created tons of helpful resources to assist you with fundraising, check them out!


Top Fundraisers
  1 -  Pat Corpora       ($20,870.00)
  2 -  Denny Snyder       ($11,645.00)
  3 -  Tour de Fence       ($10,314.00)
  4 -  Jim Zajko       ($6,113.00)
  5 -  Janna Baum       ($5,730.00)
  6 -  Keith Plunkett       ($4,528.11)
  7 -  Glenn Noack       ($4,248.00)
  8 -  Dave Pryor       ($3,273.11)
  9 -  Michael Ferraro       ($3,250.00)
  10 -  Mike Freer       ($3,095.00)
  11 -  Hali Goldman       ($2,900.00)
  12 -  Kristine Rigler       ($2,430.00)
  13 -  Tim Quigley       ($2,350.00)
  14 -  Robert Docherty       ($2,330.00)
  15 -  Brian Docherty       ($2,200.00)
  16 -  Alison Gonzalez       ($2,158.00)
  17 -  Erin Mascelli       ($2,146.67)
  18 -  Andrew Dordal       ($2,125.00)
  19 -  Gregory Morrison       ($2,100.00)
  20 -  Donald Wallace       ($2,075.00)

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