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Base Route

The ride begins at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia; traveling over the Bridge and through the back roads in South Jersey ending on the Boardwalk at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. The total distance is estimated to be 65.7 miles.

2018 Bike-a-thon Route

2018 Bike-a-thon Ride with GPS

2018 Bike-a-thon Map My Ride

Century Route

Starting in Philadelphia? Lengthen your ride by traveling via our Century Route! Our Century Ride which extends the ride to 100 miles from Philadelphia.  The century loop will veer off close to mile 44, cyclists can decide at that point to follow the base route or century route. Those that complete this course will receive a commemorative patch.

Century Route Entrance Cut Off Time - 10:30am 

2018 Bike-a-thon Century Route

2018 Bike-a-thon Century Ride with GPS

2018 Bike-a-thon Century Map My Ride Route

Startpoints & Distances

  • Startpoint #1 – Base of Ben Franklin Bridge – Philadelphia, PA 
    66 miles base route, 100 mile century route 
  • Startpoint #2 -  Cherry Hill East High School  - Cherry Hill, NJ
    54 miles or 88 miles 
  • Startpoint #3 - Hammonton Lake Park - Hammonton, NJ
    31 miles
  • Egg Harbor City School District - Egg Harbor City, NJ
    20 miles 


Route distances, subject to change.



Riding Over the Ben Franklin Bridge- Safety

The Ben Franklin Bridge is an approximate 1.5 mile ride with an average up grade of 4.1% and an average downgrade of 3.4%.  Multiple lanes are open for cyclist traffic, and the entire bridge is closed to vehicular traffic during the start of the event.  Expansion joints are covered for safety.  Cyclists are urged to ride with caution, especially on the downgrade where speeds should not exceed 20 mph, and assure that all water bottles and other personal belongings are well secured to their bicycles.



Rest Stops and Water Stops

Rest stops are conveniently located approximately every 10 to 15 miles along the route.  Rest stops are fully stocked with donated food and drinks including fruit, energy bars, water, Gatorade, ice, etc.  Rest stops also include portable rest room facilities, volunteer mechanics from local bike shops and first aid.  Water stops, at shorter intervals between rest stops,  are only stocked with water, ice and portable rest room facilities.



Route Support  (Command Center, SAG, Motorcycle, and Bike Shop)

Bike-a-thon is a fully supported ride with safety as our number one concern.  Below is all of the support available to our riders, should they need it. Each of these can be reached by dialing the number on your rider wristband. 

  • Command Center Support- Located at the endpoint, the command center is available throughout the entire day via phone from which the appropriate help will be dispatched, including ambulance service in the event of a health emergency.
  • Support and Gear(SAG) Vehicles- GPS equipped SAG vehicles, which can be dispatched to transport cyclists and bikes to the next rest stop or provide minor assistance.
  • Bike Shop Support- GPS equipped local bike ship vans, which can be dispatched to provide limited mechanical assistance on the route. 
  • Motorcycle Support- Provides added mobility to more quickly get to a location where assistance may be needed, and provides for a wider range of coverage and traffic control. Transportation



Route Closure Times

Sections of the route will have defined closure times to assure that cyclists are not on the route for a period of time that is longer than deemed to be safe.  Support along the specified sections of the route will also be discontinued after these closure times.  When choosing a route distance, cyclists should carefully evaluate their ability to complete that distance in a safe amount of time. 

Century Route Entrance Cut Off Time: 10:30am 

Atlantic City Expressway Entrance Cut Off Time: 3:00pm



Riding into Atlantic City- Safety

Approximately the last 5 miles of the route before reaching the Boardwalk in Atlantic City will be along the Atlantic City Expressway.  The right lane will be coned off and dedicated for cyclists only.  Even though the lane is closed off, please be sure to ride on the shoulder. Significant police patrol will be provided at all intersections and locations with merging traffic to assure a safe entry into Atlantic City. 



Riding on the Boardwalk - Safety

The last 1/4 mile of the ride will be on the famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City where cyclists can see the Atlantic Ocean, smell the salt water, and be cheered by supporters as the reach the end point at Boardwalk Hall.  An approximate 18-foot wide section of the Boardwalk will be coned off as a dedicated event bike lane, and patrolled by route marshals.  Police safety support will also be provided at the on-ramp to the Boardwalk (at Missouri Avenue) as well as the end point at Boardwalk Hall to assure that pedestrian traffic does not interfere with cyclist traffic..




The safety of our cyclists, volunteers and general public is of utmost importance to us and the success of our event.  The American Cancer Society believes that together with the expertise of The League of American Bicyclists, every cyclist can accomplish Bike-a-thon in a safe and courteous manner. For more detailed information about safety, please click here..

We regularly review, evaluate, and assess all aspects of our ride to be proactive in implementing safety measures such as:

  • Selecting a date and time with an objective of hosting the ride when the weather is most conducive to riding.
  • Designing a route taking into consideration road surface conditions, traffic volume, intersections and shoulders, number of riders, etc.
  • Staffing adequate support to assist participants along the route, including traffic control, safety riders, medical support response teams, bike shop support, route marking and signage.
  • Holding a pre-ride in the weeks preceding the event to assess road conditions, identify and address potential concerns and staffing needs along the route and implementing same.
  • Modifying the start incorporating staged rider releases to alleviate congestion and improve approach and travel over Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
  • Covering the expansion joints on the Ben Franklin Bridge to reduce risks for cyclist riding over joints.
  • Strategically establishing rest stops every 10–15 miles that are stocked with ample food and beverages to replenish and rehydrate cyclists, as well as bike shop support to attend to needed bike repairs.
  • Locating police details at all critical intersections.
  • Providing GPS equipped Support and Gear (SAG) wagons, bike shop vehicles, and motorcycles to patrol the route.
  • Continuous monitoring of the event from a centralized command center including on site ambulance and EMT service.
  • Crowd control and monitoring along last 3/4 mile of route on the Boardwalk to afford a clear lane for cyclists.
  • Providing refreshments for cyclists upon crossing the finish line.


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