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OTE 2014

We Still Have a couple of spots availalble.  Please Contact  

A experience like no other!
Bring Your Fun to New Heights!

American Cancer Society 2015 Over The Edge

June 20, 2015 - From 8:00 AM-5:00 PM 
Harborside Plaza 5, Jersey City

Join us on Saturday, June 20,2015 at Harborside Plaza 5 as adrenaline enthusiasts from the local community and beyond come together to fight cancer by rappelling down one of New Jersey's tallest buildings. Together we can fight cancer, a disease that affects one in four people.

Over the Edge gives participants the opportunity to rappel down all 34 stories (about 480 ft) in a completely safe and controlled environment. Over the Edge is more than just a rappel, it is the experience of a lifetime. As you rappel, your family and friends will cheer you on from the ground. Upon landing, you will pick up your giftbag and reunite with your family and friends as you enjoy the entertainment and live DJ on the ground. 

Each participant will have an opportunity to practice rappelling and learn to use the gear prior to their decend.  

To join, you can sign up as an individual, join a friend's team, or start your own team and invite friends or co-workers to rappel with you! Please note that each team member or individual must raise a minimum of $1,500 to rappel. 

Your safety is our #1 concern. All participants must weigh between 110-300 pounds for proper gear usage. In the case of extremely high winds, lightening or other serious weather conditions, Over the Edge will be delayed or rescheduled. All decisions will be made on the day of the rappel.  

Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @OverTheEdgeNYC for important updates. 

At 2015 Over The Edge your energy and generosity make a real difference for people fighting cancer through the local programs in our community that benefit from the event's success. With your sponsorship, and the fund-raising efforts of our participants, we are mking a difference in the fight against cancer.

We look forward fighting cancer with you!

For information contact Ramon Bermo at
 or 212-237-3820. 


Sponsorship Opportunities

CFP CY13 EA OTE Rapeller 2

Join other area business leaders as they celebrate the important work that happens every day in the fight against cancer.
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Fundraising Tips

CFP CY13 EA Fundraising Tips - Celebration

The number one reason people donate to American Cancer Society events is because someone asked them to. View more fundraising tips!

Recognition Rope Wall


Purchase a ribbon to honor a survivor. We will display the ribbons on a climbing rope.


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Top Fundraisers
  1 -  Sherah Yoder       ($10,679.50)
  2 -  Erin Kelly       ($5,479.90)
  3 -  Cindy Floyd       ($4,420.00)
  4 -  Kerry Lemert       ($3,888.00)
  5 -  Lindsay DeNardo       ($3,400.00)
  6 -  Tanya Merchant       ($3,140.00)
  7 -  Deborah Sheehan       ($3,065.00)
  8 -  Anthony Carpentieri       ($2,895.00)
  9 -  Janette Neal       ($2,790.00)
  10 -  Susan Butler       ($2,500.00)

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Top Teams
  1 -  The Merrill Lynch Marvels       ($80,115.40)
  2 -  Triumvirate       ($5,880.00)
  3 -  #GID       ($3,590.00)
  4 -  Cops For A Cause       ($2,495.00)

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